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5 Floral Theme Designs In Indian Wedding

In India, flowers are a necessary part of the special occasions. They are not only meant for gifting purpose but also decoration is done with help of different kind of flowers in India. We celebrate many festivals and there are some celebrations that are very close to our heart. These special celebrations also need some special attention of family members. Everyone thinks that their special occasions should be best. There should be the best decoration and also perfect lightening arrangements. When you think about the wedding then you want all decorations should be perfect to feel right. This needs best wedding decorators and your extra care for planning ceremony. Your best planning will help to avoid last minute hassles. The talented florist will help you to get best designs for the wedding and they will help to enhance the beauty of the flowers with their creative skills. Their beautiful decoration will make wedding venue more attractive and the guest will surely get impressed with this. But before spending your money you have to check that which florist will give you the right advice and also you have to decide your budget. There are many florists who give discounts when you order a large number of the arrangements. Today we are going to tell you 5 floral theme designs in India.

Carnations with International Flowers:
Classy Carnations Style

5 Floral Theme Designs In Indian WeddingFlowers add different charm in the décor of the wedding. Good decorations always make your guests happy. This also makes the wedding look lovely and romantic. Carnations mostly used to enhance the beauty of entrance.

Sometimes florists in Delhi use carnations with international flowers and this gives your decoration nice and attractive looks.

Traditional Indian Mandap With Rajnigandha:
Indian Rajnigandha

Mandap is the important part of the traditional Indian wedding and all the rituals of wedding occur in the mandap only. So, it is important that it should look perfect and beautiful. It should be full of flowers and there are many traditional Indian flowers that can give your mandap different look and rajanigandha in one of them.

This flower decoration makes the place more charming and attractive. This used for royal ethereal and for strong fragrance.

Traditional Indian Marigold Garlands:
Indian Marigold Flower Theme

In India, people use different types of flowers to decorate the weddings and Marigold are another flowers that are the charm of Indian weddings. People choose different marigold flowers in the decorations according to their choice. These flowers come in different colors that include bright yellow, white and orange. These flowers are less expensive flowers. When we talk about planning a wedding, the budget is a big factor for the selection of flowers. Budget is very important and everyone does planning according to the decided budget. Everyone wants their decoration should be different and beautiful without spending lots of bugs.

Beautiful Marigold can fulfill your wish. You just need a perfect and skilled florist to do decoration with excellence. People in Hyderabad can choose flowers according to their pocket. Marigold is pocket-friendly and they can also use with another flower to enhance the beauty.

Rajnigandha Latkans with Marigold Tips:
Traditional Indian Theme

If you want to make decoration more beautiful then you need a creative mind. Florist in Hyderabad will give you different ideas that will make the floral arrangement grand.

Rajnigandha flowers with marigold tips are another arrangement that can make the décor of wedding location more attractive.

Floral Elephant:
Maharaja Style Wedding Theme in India

Nowadays everyone wants to welcome guests with a beautiful entrance. If entrance would be beautiful and attractive then this will give your positive impression on the guests.

The entry should be different and florists use a floral elephant to make it more charming and attractive.