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Pick The Right Shade For Your Lips

A woman's love for lipsticks is eternal. Be it work, date, dinner or travel, a lipstick adds the finishing touch to a look effortlessly. Out of all the makeup essentials, the lipstick is a weapon that works wonders each time. From matte to glossy, lipsticks have been a must-have item in a woman's purse. If you're new to the world of make-up, below is a beginner’s guide to choosing the right shade of lipstick for you-

Pick The Right Shade For Your Lips

Skin Tone

Do not pick a lip color, just because your best friend did! Understand your undertone and skin tone better in order to pick a color that suits you best. Every skin tone is beautiful and unique and this beauty can be enhanced with the perfect lipstick. Brick red, light nudes, hues of burgundy and shades of violet and brown work as a charm on darker skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone, bright garnet, blood red, peachy nude, shades of pink will compliment your look perfectly.


You may be a pro at rocking red lipstick, but your boss might find it inappropriate within the workspace. In workplaces, turn to lighter hues, such as nude colors, lighter shades of pink or subtle tones of peach and brown. For a brunch date or casual evening out, you can either match the colour of your outfit or choose from the shades of nude lipsticks that go well with almost anything. ColorBar Bare Lipstick is a perfect pick for the occasion. Jazz your look with red, wine, purple, or metallic lip shades for an eventful night. Some of the more conventional colors like red, pink, brown or wine should always be in your vanity case for occasions like weddings and birthdays.


Winter and summer fashion is never the same, and the same applies for your make-up look. Summers are more about light and breezy clothes. Always go for more bright shades of lipstick in summers. Pick hues of purple, pink, orange and red; nude being a natural choice. Winters are all about keeping yourself warm and the right time to turn to darker shades. With warmer hues in your vanity, keep your winter hot with the likes of wine, brick red, dark brown, magenta and metallic shades. ColorBar Velvet Matte Lipstick is a must have just in case you want to take your lipstick-game to a whole new level in the winter season.

These are three basic rules that every lipstick lover must follow. Never compromise on the right shade of lipstick because other than adding glamour to your face it makes you feel confident.