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10 SaaS Lead Generation Tactics to Jumpstart Your Sales

Marketers spend a ridiculous amount of time creating content. For many, that effort is all about lead generation. Recent research tells us that as many as 85% of marketersput lead generation and sales at the top of their goal list for content marketing.

A steady stream of leads is an essential component in keeping a SaaS platform afloat in a market that's becoming increasingly competitive. Here are 10 lead generation tactics you can use to give your marketing a much-needed boost.

1. Give Fewer Choices

Hick's Law is based on the principle that fewer choices help eliminate confusion, thus making it easier for someone to make a decision. In the case of your platform, offering fewer choices helps with converting more visitors into leads.

A case study of MySiteAuditor reveals how eliminating navigation options put the attention on the opt-in, which resulted in a 25% lift in conversion rates. This is a smart tactic to deploy because you can use it on any landing page and you don't have to try to generate more traffic--you're just getting more leads out of the traffic you already have.

2. Gate your content

There's always been a debate about whether or not high-value content should be given freely, or gated in order to gather leads. I say do both.

Top-of-the-funnel content like blog posts and even a great ebook can all be given freely with no opt-in required. When you've got the audience hooked on the knowledge you provide, hit them withsome 10x content that's gated with an opt-in form.

3. Try a new delivery method

As part of its content marketing strategy,Quoteroller built a list of SEO directories for the Australian market. The content was successfully generating traffic (over 800 visits monthly), but it wasn't generating leads or opt-ins.

In an effort to capture lead information, the company created a downloadable PDF version of the document that it offered in exchange for an email address. As a result, Quoteroller gainedup to 5 new leads daily with hundreds of new subscribers added.

4. Build a better About page

Your About page is a critical part of your business, and it plays a part in your conversions. Check your analytics right now, and I guarantee you'll see some traffic to your About page. This is the opportunity to show people who you are, wha