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10 SaaS Lead Generation Tactics to Jumpstart Your Sales

Marketers spend a ridiculous amount of time creating content. For many, that effort is all about lead generation. Recent research tells us that as many as 85% of marketersput lead generation and sales at the top of their goal list for content marketing.

A steady stream of leads is an essential component in keeping a SaaS platform afloat in a market that's becoming increasingly competitive. Here are 10 lead generation tactics you can use to give your marketing a much-needed boost.

1. Give Fewer Choices

Hick's Law is based on the principle that fewer choices help eliminate confusion, thus making it easier for someone to make a decision. In the case of your platform, offering fewer choices helps with converting more visitors into leads.

A case study of MySiteAuditor reveals how eliminating navigation options put the attention on the opt-in, which resulted in a 25% lift in conversion rates. This is a smart tactic to deploy because you can use it on any landing page and you don't have to try to generate more traffic--you're just getting more leads out of the traffic you already have.

2. Gate your content

There's always been a debate about whether or not high-value content should be given freely, or gated in order to gather leads. I say do both.

Top-of-the-funnel content like blog posts and even a great ebook can all be given freely with no opt-in required. When you've got the audience hooked on the knowledge you provide, hit them withsome 10x content that's gated with an opt-in form.

3. Try a new delivery method

As part of its content marketing strategy,Quoteroller built a list of SEO directories for the Australian market. The content was successfully generating traffic (over 800 visits monthly), but it wasn't generating leads or opt-ins.

In an effort to capture lead information, the company created a downloadable PDF version of the document that it offered in exchange for an email address. As a result, Quoteroller gainedup to 5 new leads daily with hundreds of new subscribers added.

4. Build a better About page

Your About page is a critical part of your business, and it plays a part in your conversions. Check your analytics right now, and I guarantee you'll see some traffic to your About page. This is the opportunity to show people who you are, what you're about, and articulate your value proposition.

It's also an awesome spot for a call-to-action (CTA). They've just read about how terrific you are and what you can do for them, so use a compelling CTA to convert them into leads.

5. Push content on LinkedIn

There's a good chance that your platform addresses the need of a business customer. Many (not all) SaaS platforms operate in the B2B sector, and that's what LinkedIn is all about. According to a HubSpot study surveying 5,000 small businesses, LinkedIn vastly outpaced competing social networks for lead generation.

Leverage that by publishing content on LinkedIn Pulse. Don't just share content as an upd