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4 Dead Simple Ways to 10x Your Content and Drive More Traffic

4 Dead Simple Ways to 10x Your Content and Drive More Traffic

The process of creating content for your website in hopes of attracting a wave of traffic has changed in recent years.

In the past you’d be able to throw up a simple 500-word article onto your blog and get a stream of traffic. As long as it provided some semblance of value and had a few keywords thrown in, it was good enough. Ah the good ol’ days!

Try doing that today and watch that piece of content be buried on the 800th page of Google’s search results.

In today’s race to produce content that hits the front page of the Google search results, your content must be more than stellar. It must be AT LEAST 10 times the value anyone’s looking for if you want it to hit the front page of Google, attract traffic, shares, and mentions.

In this article I want to share with you 4 dead simple ways you can 10X the content you’re producing to drive more traffic.

1. Include visual content

There are several roads to a 10x piece of content. One of them involves plenty of visual content.

Stunning photography and eye catching graphics build on top of the typical written blog post and help drive home the points you’re making.

Lots of readers on the web are visual learners and the added visual aids help to elaborate on the points you’re making. Web readers want their information quickly and in the most simple format. Why write a 500-word explanation when something like an infographic would suffice?

Take for example, Neil Patel’s Advanced Content Marketing Guide, an extensive step by step guide for those looking to improve their content marketing strategy.

It is jampacked with graphics, visuals, and text that clearly and succinctly explain everything involved in the content marketing process.

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Thanks for this @Sandra Crowe. I think as Google has become more fussy, so have consumers of digital media. The more visual the better, I totally agree. Nobody wants to sit through blocks of text. A bit of uniqueness goes a long way too!

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