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6 Creative (and Cost-Effective) Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies

6 Creative (and Cost-Effective) Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies campaigns and social ads can help you move the needle and attract new customers online. But for many small companies, digital advertising will never fully replace the value of word-of-mouth marketing -- or good old-fashioned face time.

In fact, a simple thank-you card or a friendly offline introduction can lead to new business opportunities you didn't know were on the table. The best part? If a current customer is the one recommending your services, there's an element of trust already in place.

The most successful founders always look for new ways to impress current customers and attract new ones for less money.

Below, six entrepreneurs share their most cost-effective offline marketing strategies.

1. Always be closing.

Whether you are in the airport, at a family vacation or your local coffee shop, always be talking about your business.

You never know who you might meet or come across when actively talking about your business in everyday life.

- Ryan O'Connell, LaunchKC

2. Be part of your community.

Your local community can sometimes be the best thing for your business. You can't beat a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Be neighborly, frequent local community events, participate in neighborhood functions, go to your kids' soccer games, host a potluck, organize a block party, etc. Just get involved, and socialize! Simply being out there can actually result in