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Answering Quora: Is there such thing as a good B2B lead Generation Company?

We got this question from a Quora member, who heard horrific stories on lead generation agencies that overpromise but fail to deliver. There are quite a lot of that and very few who really understand the business, especially with B2B.

More than delivering the number of leads, there are a few more factors to consider. Let’s flesh out the factors one by one.

  • Data integrity. Jeff Pulver once said, “You live or die on your database.” Jeff Pulver is an Internet pioneer, who is also a world renowned speaker on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship aside from the more technical such as the Internet . We couldn’t agree more with what he said. Data is the fuel that runs any marketing tactic. Without data, you work on your marketing campaigns based on guesses which will turn off your prospects. A lead generation agency has no business being in this service if they cannot prove their data’s credibility.

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  • Customer-centric mindset. A lead generation agency is your ally. That is expected because they are paid to find opportunities for you. However, this does not mean they focus on you alone. In thi