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Fortune Cookies to Guide You Shopping The Best B2B Lead Generation Program

Fortune Cookies to Guide You Shopping The Best B2B Lead Generation Program

#1: Fortune Qualifiers

What qualities should have a good lead generation company?

There’s a bunch of lead generation providers in the web, but would you know which one will work best as a partner for your business? Look into the company profile and check on…

How long have they been doing b2b services?

A company that has 5 years or more experience in generating leads would be a good preference, as they have much ideas and strategies banked from the different campaigns they have handled.

How wide is their market reach?

The “global market access” phrase would mean flexibility in their programs, broad market coverage across regions,  and huge data warehouse.

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What are the services they provide?

Check out the services list and be keen on each item description, as well as the detailed process of how it’s done. Voice, email, social, web and mobile, are key functional channels for a lead generation campaign.

Who were the clients they served and what do they have to say?

Find out  who were the clients they worked with. It’s plain to see that only those they worked with  successful campaigns will be displayed in the website, but at least note of anyone with the same service as yours. This way, you’ll be able to get references and case studies about the campaigns which they ran for these clients and read on client feedback / testimonial.

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What are the tools they use?

  • A CRM that integrates call power with lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing. Check out