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‘FREE’ Lead Generation Ebooks From 3 Best Brands

‘FREE’ Lead Generation Ebooks From 3 Best Brands

What is with ‘free’  that makes it irresistible and instantly lures customers?

Over the years, it has become one of the most overused term in marketing propaganda and yet it hasn’t lost its magic and continues to captivate attention.

In a joint theory of marketing and psychology, there are two things that might come to a prospect’s mind when “Free” is mentioned:

1) It signals the mind of the buyer to try the free stuff offered because there’s nothing to lose anyway. It’s certainly FREE of charge.

This is even discussed in greater details in  ‘Use the Psychology of Free Stuff to Generate Leads‘.

2)This confuses the prospect though, it leaves them thinking that no great product is of no value.

Let’s break the stereotype. Fortunately, the B2B marketing landscape is changing. Marketing experts are slowly revolutionizing the industry as they demolish bad impression towards costless stuff. They still use‘free’, but instead of putting mediocre freebies they give out substantial downloadables, more reliable statistics on content and useful guides.

Speaking of which, three lead generation companies have come up with free marketing goodies in the form of ebooks that are surely worth your time and none of your money.