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How LinkedIn's Head of B2B Marketing Sells on the Platform

How LinkedIn's Head of B2B Marketing Sells on the Platform

Theme 1 - LinkedIn is Unlike Any Other Platform

"If you think about what LinkedIn has become, it's the first time in history of media that you can engage with the world's professionals in a single place," Karel said on a recent podcast interview. "And the opportunity is not just that professionals are gathering in such huge numbers on the platform, but that they are engaging with a unique purpose. They are coming to LinkedIn with a very different mindset then when they are going to other destinations online."

This is key - because of its "professional" theme and tone, LinkedIn users are not logging in looking for funny cat photos or restaurant recommendations.

Instead, they're visiting the platform to look for a job, find an employee, get online training, network with others, consume industry-specific content or even buy and sell products and services.

That means you have an immediate - and valuable - opportunity to build and develop 1-on-1, personal relationships