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How Minimalism Can Help You Maximize Conversions

How Minimalism Can Help You Maximize Conversions

When it comes to increasing conversions on your website, it’s easy to fall for the notion that more is better. Throw in some unique features, incorporate a couple of plugins and use some unique visuals – that’ll do the trick. Well, not so fast. In reality, simple designs and minimalist UX tend to drive higher conversion rates.

When you look at some of the most successful companies of the last decade – such as Google and Apple – you’ll notice that they adopt very simple and intuitive approaches to design, marketing and UX. This isn’t random or by chance – they understand how minimalism impacts the mindsets of their customers.

“Simplifying things basically means you can reach a broader spectrum of audience,” internet media enthusiast Saurabh Tyagi says. “But there is more to it. Simplifying also means you are amplifying the meaning being conveyed. How?”

“The audience then uses its imagination to bridge the gaps with their own views and backgrounds. The audience is forced to see beyond the realms of superficial and absorb the real meaning.”

In other words, when you choose to say less with your design, you’re actually saying more. This is why minimalist web design is becoming increasingly mainstream and why you should consider a similar strategy moving forward.

Three Minimalist Tips for Increasing Conversions

If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry. We’ve provided a helpful list of tips and techniques that should allow you to get started (and enjoy a return on your investment) in very little time.

1. Use Negative Space

One of the keys to successful minimalist design is the use of negative space. Typically this negative space is white space, but it can be another solid color that goes well with the larger layout.

Negative space – as shown on this page from online jeweler Diamondere – creates separation and forces visitors to focus on specific elements.

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Nice buzz, Sandra. As Albert Einstein once said, "Out of clutter, find simplicity." And we've all heard that oft repeated saying, sometimes "less is more." I'm sharing this on several hives. Buzz on!

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