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Identifying Key Decision Makers for Lead Generation

Identifying Key Decision Makers for Lead Generation

The most critical aspect in any business process is making a decision – the right decision.

In a lead generation campaign, reaching the decision makers’ direct phone lines and being able to speak with them is a hurdle. More than that, one has to be keen to listen and understand if the person he speaks with is able to decide with a “yes” or a “no” to get your proposal on the boss’ table.

But it doesn’t really have to take Mr. Sherlock Holmes’ detective expertise to be able to identify a key decision maker in a lead generation campaign. All you need is the right questioning such as “What is your role in the decision-making process for this project?”

Here are the three (3) possible key decision makers in a lead generation campaign:

A recommender is someone who makes a suggestion to do something. This person is most likely to be the consultant in the company, whose thoughts are highly valued and trusted by the higher management like the executive or board level officers. His suggested ideas will be considered to be brought into the discussion table for evaluation.

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The evaluator is able to characterize the following points to positively impact the business:

1. Identify the value or significance of the proposed product or service to the need of the business. His decision should address concerns like: “Would the new application resolve the challenges hurdled by company”, “Would it bring in the targeted ROI and lessen operational costs”?