Why Companies are Switching from Google Apps to Office 365 Suite?

Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are the top-most productivity suite which provides almost similar facilities on the cloud. Initially, G Suite was called as Google Apps but later in 2016, it was renamed as G Suite. G Suite and Office 365 are the toughest competitors of each other. It is because both of them offer similar services to their users like customized email accounts, creating a document or presentations, online chatting, cloud storage, spreadsheets, video conferencing, etc. But, still, there are some points which became a reason for why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365. G Suite is really popular collaboration suite used among the business organization, then why do the users choose Office 365 over Google Apps applications? This question is in the most trending search nowadays on the internet. Therefore, to make it clear to the users, we have discussed the reasons which lead to the users to migrate from Google Apps to Office 365 suite.

Why Companies are Switching from Google Apps to Office 365 Suite?

All Features of Microsoft Office 365 & Google G Suite

1. Total Storage Space

In the case of entry level, MS Office 365 is the better choice with its Business Essential plan. It offers around 1 TB of total storage. However, on the other hand, Google Apps provides only 30 GB of file storage space in its entry level plan. As everyone first goes for the entry level plan always, so in that case Microsoft Office 365 with additional 50 GB inbox storage is proven to be one of the reasons why you should choose Office 365 over Google Apps.

2. Email Application

Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 both offer their unique and reliable emailing application for the users. And, Gmail for Business (Suite) is proven to be very fast with a