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Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

ADPACKPRO is an Online Advertising Platform registered in Switzerland in April 2016. The company behind this advertising platform is a Corporation called "OneVision Holding AG" based in Switzerland, headed by 5 owners, each with extensive experience in their respective areas (sales, finance, online marketing, SEO), and which hold senior positions in the management of the company.

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

The company sells various internet technology related products.  AdPackPro is one of those products (lead generation of visitors and web traffic exchange). There are several other products that are also sold apart from AdpackPro, such as a very successful SEO academy, where one of its teachers is shareholder of OneVision Holding AG, Mr. Jeroen Smid, who is one of the most prestigious and renowned experts on SEO in Europe.

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

The company is governed by the tax laws of Switzerland which is where it is registered. You can see this on the following site:


- Each Adpack (advertising pack) costs 25 € and ends up producing 30 € (120% return). Adpacks are currently expiring on and around 120-130 days from the time of purchase.

- When you buy the Adpack you can then decide what kind of advertising you want i.e., text ads or banners of different sizes.

- You receive an invoice for each one of your purchases or repurchases.

- Each Adpack provides you with 10,000 impressions and 100 guaranteed clicks of your ad.

- Your direct referrals will generate you 11% commission of all purchases and repurchases. And referrals of your 2nd level, i.e. the referrals of your direct referrals, will generate you commissions of 7% of all purchases and repurchases. If you intend to build a team of referrals, this last point is fantastic!!!

- The maximum number of AdPacks that an affiliate can have is 3,000 units (costing 75,000 €). If you have 3,000 units this alone will generate you 15,000 € each life cycle of the Adpacks, i.e. every 120-130 days, which is approx 3,500 – 3,750 € per mont