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Not a Love Song

Not a Love Song

Ten years, ten years

Gone in a flash

Somehow you managed

Not to crash

And burn your way 

Through life, as I have

Today you're forty

Have you changed much?


Your eyes still sparkle

Of that, I'm sure

The creases when you smile

A tiny bit deeper

Are you still 

A heavy sleeper?

Ten years apart

May as well be none

In terms of my feelings

They've never gone

'Too young to hold on

Too old to just 

Break free and run.'

Jeff Buckley knew

How to sing about love 


Better than I can express

How I still feel slighted

But I digress

It's not like I have 

Anyone to impress 

The way you did 

With your beautiful face

It's what Buckley meant 

When he wrote 'Grace'

Happy birthday, my Darlin'

I hope that you're well

And however you spend it

I hope that it's swell

So sing me a song

Oh sing me another

But this time as friends

Not as your lover