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Hands-on Guide to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Hands-on Guide to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you think that any limits for becoming a great entrepreneur? Just turn around and look at a world where a person who doesn't have a college degree, not have enough money, don't have perfect guidelines OR experience and still, they thrive and become successful.

A perfect example is Jack Ma, He is a founder of Alibaba Group. He has nothing when he starts i.e no money, no skill, and doesn't have a great college degree. Only vision with a great plan he started and see where he is.

Today everything is possible to be a great entrepreneur OR solopreneur. Even without a specific degree, certificates, bank balance OR experience.

But why most not able to achieve results and success?

Just because of lack of a plan, strategy and proper advisor to give you guidelines for how to invest time and money the proper way.

Another reason to not able to succeed because of a lack of digitization. Today mobile and web everywhere and many entrepreneurs took advantage of this and got massive success. It is important to have a mobile application and website for your business. By these, you provide ease access to browse your business and leverage experience. If you want to know the cost of app development then you can browse the ultimate guide for how much does it cost to make an app, where you will get every information in one place.

I urge you to save this article link as bookmark OR store this URL locally until you don't apply everything mentioned over here to your business. Because this is dead end guidelines to bring your business on a new level.

I know this is very normal guidelines but no one follows and that is the reason why most blunder. Sometimes normal things impact more so don't take easily to this guide.

Let's not waste your valuable time and get into the entrepreneur 101 guide.

1- Find a real-world problem

Rather than thinking from your perspective, you should more focus on a world where most people suffer from the issue. Find that problem, make a list and checklist of how many problems your business able to solve. One of the great examples is UBER. They found the issue of traveling and took advantage of it and see where they right now.

2- Be early

Once you have figure out the problem of the world. Try to adopt as soon as possible because every single pace an innovation brings to the world and who knows it might solve your checklist issue. So be as early as possible. You can take an example of Farmbot. It is one of the best examples who adopt farming with a bot. Not only adoption but also executed well and bring the best solution to farming with a bot.

3- Minimize and decentralized system

As an entrepreneur, you should be focusing on how to reduce costs and make the system more sophisticated. Try to figure out what are the ways to minimize your infrastructure and make the system decentralized. I.e rather than handling everything from the center, make system architecture where many things handle decentralize and finally handle through centralize. One of the best examples is Xiomi. Xiomi handles manufacturing locally and finally reported to headquarter in China.

4- Considering all possible ways to expand your business.

Think like an apple. Apple not only selling mobile. They selling the watch and most of the accessories as well. If apple only focusing on just mobile so might possible that not able to get this much love from people. As they find a problem of people and provide a dead solution for that. Think like this. Try to figure out all possible way i.e small, medium to large and figure out how in the best way you provide a solution. From this, you can increase growth by 10X for sure.

5- Keep it as simple as possible

One of the downsides of an entrepreneur is to make a system so much complex. At the end not able to figure out challenges, ways to solve a problem, way to handle things and much more. Finally, they lose everything. This is a reason to make a system as simple as possible so from that, you and your customer both run/use business easily.

6- Keep on updating with market

    As new technology play in the world. Your customer expecting that things will be experienced from your business. One of the things most businesses lacking is to not update with trends. If you are not able to put a business in place with the trend than your customer might shift to your competitor business where they find everything that they are looking for. So moral is to be updated with trends.

    7- Update yourself regularly

    Business needs to update with trends. Similarly, an entrepreneur also keeps updating their skill to run a business successfully. One of the critical parts of a business to success is a person who runs a business. Because in the end, everything is dependent on a person who runs a business. Try to figure out the following questions to realize

    1- What specific skill do you need?

    2- In which area you need expertise?

    3- Where does your passion becomes lie for your business?

    4- How much you can able to afford?

    5- How much capital do you need?

    6- Are you ready for business to run?

    7- What lifestyle you are expected to live in?

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