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5 Easy Ways To Cover Up Dark Under Eye Circles

5 Easy Ways To Cover Up Dark Under Eye Circles

Those pesky dark under eye circles can get in the way of your otherwise glamorous, fabulous face if you don’t watch them closely.  So, if you want to get that flawless made up look right now, here are five ways you can tackle those dark patches under your eyes using these simple makeup ideas.

Do the following before applying makeup if you can find the time:

Place one or two drops of those dry eyes formulations to relieve your dry eyes.

Cool and relieve puffiness with two cold cucumber slices.

Put on eye cream.

Tip No. 1: If you have fair skin with purplish or bluish dark under eyes, put on your foundation first.  Take a concealer in pink shade.  Use your concealer brush to apply it over and around the outlines of your dark under eyes.  If you don’t have a concealer in this shade, take your nude concealer and line your under eyes with it.  Make sure to pack it in well then, top with a blush pink eye makeup or blush powder.  Make sure it’s well incorporated with your concealer so the color does not disappear.

Tip No. 2: If you have brown Latino or Asian skin, the dark pigment under the eyes usually stretch farther outwards and even above the eyelids.  You can do the same as in Tip No. 1 but you may have to get a darker pink pigment.  Or, take a lipstick in your stash that’s in bright red or orange but make sure it’s a regular lip color, not matte or shimmery.  Put the color around your eyes then incorporate the product well into your skin.  Use a concealer brush for better results. Use a concealer brush or sponge to blend in your concealer as you work it in with the lip color.

Tip No. 3: For darker skin tones, most people would probably think the dark pigments won’t show but because the pigmented areas become deeper and create a shadow, they still do. Take a dark pink or deep orange pigmented concealer and apply it on your eyes with a sponge or concealer brush.  Again, if you don’t have a concealer in these shades, try adding in a lip color in the same shade.  Apply this on your skin first before blending in your concealer.

Tip No. 4: For light b