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A stand alone comment.

A stand alone comment.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit writes a comment on Ali Anani's buzz, The New Mirrors of Social Media, that deserves to be posted on its own.

Social media does what digital extension does, it warps our relationship with others, unless we remain vigilant of the forces at play, and that means being extraordinarily self-aware. The reality of education is that our minds are trained to pick up knowledge and useful information, where useful is an economic measure related to work. So it is that reflection has taken a back seat because we are not taught to reflect where we are trained for purpose and busyness.
If the education system prepares us for work, the entertainment system alleviates us, to create a rest-bite from work. What does that say about us that we study to make a living and then in making a living find ways to distract ourselves from this very process. So if we cannot see how we operate ourselves in this system, what are we then looking for in another. If economic circumstance rather than personal reflection is a higher priority, then we are looking for hooks and we are effectively virtual salespeople, making links and connections as our economic system has taught us.
The fortunate thing is that there are observant people, either these people have understood the meaning of being scientific - and therefore are a part of a rare breed of people who can objectively observe, or these people have a poetic ability and the artist in them see's a different facet of human existence, and where we have someone who can do both, we find the rarest kind of person of all, the renaissance man or woman.
All people possess what is called theory of mind, our ability to interpret the thoughts of others through facial expressions or behaviours or actions, but this theory of mind is affected by our social conditioning and by whether we think concretely or have higher capacity for abstraction. It is at levels of abstraction that theory of mind is operating at the awareness described in this particular buzz.
CityVP Manjit

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN Mar 4, 2017 · #21

Interesting post @Sara Jacobovici "If the education system prepares us for work, the entertainment system alleviates us, to create a rest-bite from work"
I'm not convinced that the education system is preparing students for work, therefore, the distraction. If you have ADD or ADHD the rest-bite from work is "at work". Can we teach "the artist who see's a different facet of human existence" to exist without themselves being labeled.

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Phil Friedman Mar 4, 2017 · #20

#19 Perhaps, Sara, I did not make myself clear. There are more than one theory of mind. Moreover, theories are reflective at what are considered a transcendental level. The "recognition" you describe might, but just might be considered one possible theory of mind, although I would personally classify it as an assertion concerning the role of perception in discerning the thoughts of others. In my lexicon, theories are much more than a single statement. Wikipedia is a bit wanting here, and I prefer the Encyclopedia of Philosophy: "Theory of Mind is the branch of cognitive science that investigates how we ascribe mental states to other persons and how we use the states to explain and predict the actions of those other persons. More accurately, it is the branch that investigates mindreading or mentalizing or mentalistic abilities.". Cheers!

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Sara Jacobovici Mar 4, 2017 · #19

#18 I hope you gentlemen don't mind if I but in here, @Phil Friedman and @CityVP 🐝 Manjit...."but" I will. From my understanding, theory of mind relates to our ability to hold the reality that not everyone thinks the way we do. In this way, our ability to "make sense" or read the thoughts of others through nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions, behaviours or actions, is crucial.

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Phil Friedman Mar 3, 2017 · #18

Manjit, in the main, I concur with what you are saying. But I should like to suggest that perhaps you make what is called a "type error" when you say that, "All people possess what is called theory of mind, our ability to interpret the thoughts of others through facial expressions or behaviours or actions ..."

A "theory of mind" is an intellectual construct at a transcendental level above our actions (including mental actions) when we interpret the thoughts of others on whatever basis. That is, a Theory of Mind is something of a different type than an employed method. The former is reflective, while the latter is an action.

For example, I can train to hit a pitched baseball, without having a governing theory of motion or perception. And I suggest it is important to avoid confusing the two planes. IMO and with all due respect. Cheers!

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Sara Jacobovici Mar 3, 2017 · #17

#15 You are definitely a "thinker" @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. Thank you.

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#15 Dear @CityVP 🐝 Manjit- I have tons of respect for you and your "thinking" comments. Thinking because you are a thinker. You are an integral part of my thinking because of your thoughtful and thinking comments. By the way the thinker @Sara Jacobovici has just published a great buzz in response to my buzz and our exchange of comments. It is a must read.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit Mar 3, 2017 · #15

Thank you Sara I view a part of this buzz to be the regard we have for each other and I honour that most. The word comment comes from the practice of commentator. Commentators were people invited to newspapers to provide their opinions. Commentary in newspapers is in reality the original user-generated content. The commentator lived in the mindset of the broadcast world where attention was scarce.

Today attention is abundant, indeed it is saturated beyond belief, and instead of us being more cognoscente about the way we work and how we are a part of a transformation in the way of work - we continue to find ways of achieving attention, so thinking quickly become content and in the content we remain commentators rather than thinkers. The true value in this buzz is the exchange between you and @Ali Anani - the thinking relationship between both of you is extraordinary. So when Javier in his comment #8 calls this relationship "a powerful energy", it is exactly that.

This powerful energy is not a broadcast but a relationship that I am privileged to witness. The word comment no longer does justice to people who think. We personally should be given the option to name this section of the buzz, through a dropdown box that has different names i.e. a choice of comments, thinkers, discussion, debate, reflection etc - so when Juan says thanks in comment #14 - to me that is what I am thankful for - that what happens under the buzz is not business as usual, they are not comments - but a person who writes the buzz should choose what kind of response they hope for. My choice is "Thinkers".

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