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Dear @Javier beBee

Dear @Javier beBeeImage credit: universal musings

I was very honored to see my name under the list of ambassadors. It is because of this personal attention, support and encouragement that you and your team show us bees on beBee that makes me a proud member. I unfortunately am unable to commit fully to the responsibilities of this important role.

I will continue to support beBee by participating, contributing, sharing and promoting beBee.

My personal congratulations to the new amassadors

@Phillip Louis D'Amato

@CityVP Manjit

@Aitor Díez Fernández

@Graham Edwards

@Ken Boddie

@Kevin Pashuk

@Praveen Raj Gullepalli

@Lance Scoular

@Michele Williams

@Denise Da Vinha Ricieri

@Paul Walters

@Gerald Hecht

@Don Kerr

@Debasish Majumder

@Antonio L Rodríguez del Pozo

@Wayne Yoshida

@Randy Keho

@Aurorasa Sima

@Maria Oslara

@Paul Kearley

@Irene Hackett

@Tony Rossi

Wishing you ALL the success!

Dear @Javier beBee

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CityVP Manjit 5 d ago · #40

#38 Chief Heart Executive of life is good enough for me, because that is what beBee represents to me - affinity with our life path.

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Sara Jacobovici 5 d ago · #39

#36 You are part of the reason I am able to put my heart into the engagments @Deb Helfrich.

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Sara Jacobovici 5 d ago · #38

#34 I accept your comment as a reward @CityVP Manjit. I can't disagree with what you write because of its source. I was very moved when you described the position as ambassador of the heart. I was recently offered a role in a small business company at first as CHO, Chief Heart Officer but then switched to CHE, Chief Heart Executive, because che in Chilean means friend. I can't be more grateful than to have heart associated with two roles related to my work. Another interesting connection is that in both cases my ability to commit to the responsibilities of the role factored into my decision. Thank you Manjit for offering me an alternative perspective, but at this time I don't know how to do that; you authentically can.

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CityVP Manjit 5 d ago · #37

#36 Yes Deb! love is a distinction that can never be removed from our inner spirit, when it is as real as the sun.

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Deb Helfrich 5 d ago · #36

#34 Yes, yes, yes!!! It is my sincere opinion that the love @Sara Jacobovici has shared as she poured her heart and mind into so very many discussions over these last months has been a priceless gift. I honor her decision, but she will remain in my eyes a crucial part of this platform in every way possible.

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CityVP Manjit 5 d ago · #35

#2 Thank You @Ali Anani and kudos to @Sara Jacobovici for that kudos was always ever present and will continue to be.

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CityVP Manjit 5 d ago · #34

Hi Sara Jacobovici the first thing I did when I heard from Gert Scholtz about the ambassador news, I looked for the announcement buzz and when I did not see your name there, I did not realize that you have declined that until I came upon this buzz. I do not see this form of beBee ambassador as carrying a responsibility but as a flow of love.

So I accept this as love for there is no responsibility in accepting love but only appreciation as an enlightening flow of energy.

I understood why Marlon Brando sent a representative of the first people to the Oscars I also understand why your nature is such that you say "unfortunately" but you also say "I will continue to support beBee by participating, contributing, sharing and promoting beBee." and that makes you IMHO an ambassador of the heart. We need this love on this Earth, and if we market this love, or give it a name other than love, or if we confer it with honour - it will not prevent it from being love.

Any award that is composed 100% of love is an award I will accept - but if we took a nano of a percentage away from that love - then it is merely an award. Share such love with me in this spirit, and as an agape moment, the most unconditional award of all is the one that our own heart gives and then shares with all. For me it is always this appreciation that counts not the recognition.

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Juan Imaz 6 d ago · #33

congratulations @Sara Jacobovici!

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