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Learning from our youngest teachers.

Learning from our youngest teachers.Image credit:

My father passed away when my eldest niece just turned 2 years old. Their remarkable relationship can only be described in the following scenario:

I was sitting with my niece at the kitchen table just a few days after my father had passed away. She was busy doing what she usually did all the hours she wasn’t sleeping; she was drawing. I was sitting quietly with her, watching. At one point she got up and started to go to the front door. I gently asked her where she was going. She answered:

“I drew a card for my grandfather and am now taking it outside for the wind to carry up to him.”

This 2 year old just taught me one of the wisest and oldest lessons I could have ever learned.

I created this Hive, “Learning from our youngest teachers”, because we neglect the rich resource our children are; they sense the world in a way we have forgotten and have detached from. It is time to return to the source.

I invite you to share your learning experiences.

My contribution for the day:

Learning from our youngest teachers.

Thanks to @Pascal Derrien for inspiring the formation of this Hive. He wrote: 

I have an 8 year old (going on 14) Emily Kate at home and is assertive enough in the fact that unicorns are real otherwise how horses would be allowed dressing up for parties you know ?

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#1 Thank you @Hassan Aman.

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Beautiful. Anything that has feelings behind it, whether a brand or a hive, gets my attention and respect. Joining it.

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