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What was left on the cutting room floor.

It took me quite a while to write my blog Why the Duality of Business and Pleasure Does Not Work.  After editing it down to its final draft, I was left with a lot of pieces I found interesting but didn’t include in the blog itself. Interesting enough for me to want to share them with you and so I created this post called "What was left on the cutting room floor." The following is the definition and explanation of this expression:

Cutting room floor.

"Something edited or taken out...part of the original work that's gone missing in the finished product.

In the days before we had uber-cool computers, film and music had to be edited "by hand"... This involved taking actual recorded tape or developed film, cutting it to remove or insert the bit in question, and then splicing the tape or film for use. The bits cut out would end up, at least temporarily, on the cutting room floor."

“The bits”

1. On a lighter note:

I write in my blog that it is my business to know how to integrate the duality of personal and professional identities and help others do the same. The words “it is my business”, reminded me of this movie clip.

What was left on the cutting room floor.

2. Pink Floyd “speaks” for me:

I describe us humans as sensory beings and in the blog, I write about the “Dark Side of the Moon” and the relationship between the moon and the sun. These lyrics express what I try to convey about who we are and how we relate to nature.


All that you touch

All that you see

All that you taste

All you feel.

All that you love

All that you hate

All you distrust

All you save.

All that you give

All that you deal

All that you buy,

beg, borrow or steal.

All you create

All you destroy

All that you do

All that you say.

All that you eat

And everyone you meet

All that you slight

And everyone you fight.

All that is now

All that is gone

All that's to come

and everything under the sun is in tune

but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

3. I am a metaphor junkie and when I was writing about the shadow I came across this song filled with metaphors including the shadow.

The shadow of your smile - Sung by Frank Sinatra – lyrics by Paul Francis Webster.

One day we walked along the sand

One day in early spring

You held a piper in your hand

To mend its broken wing

Now I'll remember many a day

And many a lonely mile

The echo of a piper's song

The shadow of a smile

The shadow of your smile

When you are gone

Will color all my dreams

And light the dawn

Look into my eyes

My love and see

All the lovely things

You are to me

Our wistful little star

Was far too high

A teardrop kissed your lips

And so did I

Now when I remember spring

All the joy that love can bring

I will be remembering

The shadow of your smile

4. “Now my consolation is in the stardust of a song.” This lyric combines two important elements in my writings; music and “stardust”, as in the quote from Carl Sagan when he says, “We are made of starstuff.”

StardustSung by Nat King Cole – lyrics by Mitchell Paris.

And now the purple dusk of twilight time

Steals across the meadows of my heart

High up in the sky the little stars climb

Always reminding me that we're apart

You wander down the lane and far away

Leaving me a song that will not die

Love is now the stardust of yesterday

The music of the years gone by

Sometimes I wonder why I spend

The lonely night dreaming of a song

The melody haunts my reverie

And I am once again with you

When our love was new

And each kiss an inspiration

But that was long ago

Now my consolation

Is in the stardust of a song

Beside a garden wall

When stars are bright

You are in my arms

The nightingale tells his fairy tale

A paradise where roses bloom

Though I dream in vain

In my heart it will remain

My stardust melody

The memory of love's refrain

5. The Fourth Dimension – giving everyone their due credit. 

What was left on the cutting room floor.

Einstein did not quite finish the job of presenting his theory of relativity as, what is referred to, the Fourth Dimension. Contrary to popular belief, he did not draw the conclusion that space and time could be seen as components of a single four-dimensional spacetime fabric. That insight came from Hermann Minkowski (1864-1909), who announced it in a 1908 colloquium with the dramatic words: "Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality".
(Emphasis mine.)

What was left on the cutting room floor.
Lightcone diagram showing the worldline of a moving observer.

6. On the subject of the dark side of the moon, I started with Pink Floyd and I end with Mark Twain.

What was left on the cutting room floor.


In, Why the Duality of Business and Pleasure Does Not Work, I didn’t reference my Buzz, Me and My Shadow. I invite you now to read it.

Sara Jacobovici 11/11/2016 · #14

#13 Thanks @Sarah Elkins. Great to hear from you!

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Sarah Elkins 11/11/2016 · #13

I can't believe I haven't read the related post yet, @Sara Jacobovici, I'll do that soon. I've been saying for years that you're delusional if you think you can separate your personal and professional lives. I'm excited to dig into that post. BTW - love that movie, one of my all-time favorites.

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Sara Jacobovici 10/11/2016 · #12

#9 Your comment adds layers of deep thinking @Mohammed Sultan. Thanks for your contribution.

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Sara Jacobovici 10/11/2016 · #11

#8 Thank you @Ali Anani for seeing the positive in everything. Much appreciated.

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Sara Jacobovici 10/11/2016 · #10

#7 Thanks @Deb Lange for your comment and your recommendation. I look forward to checking it out.

Mohammed Sultan 10/11/2016 · #9

The essence of your wisdom free you @ Sara Jacobovici from the tyranny of the floor .Your fluid emotional intelligence can channel your thoughts and ideas everywhere, like the branches of a tree.We are made human because sight,sound and touch are bound up with our own bodies.When we grow up from our childhood ,gradually with years ,our horizons are widened and with proportion with our feelings and thoughts we become less attached to our personalty.The more we become less personal,the more we become in a need for duality to balance our emotions with reason.

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Ali Anani 10/11/2016 · #8

Your cut in the floor is never to be swept away. It has great values, treasures of info, lovely scientific mentions, musical notes to listen to. @Sara Jacobovici- no wonder your buzzes are so enriching for even your "cut" cuts sharp.

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Deb🐝 Lange 10/11/2016 · #7

Great post including poetry and music and physics. have you read "the Business Romantic" Tim Leberecht? - I think he would argue for integrating Business and Pleasure - pleasure meaning aesthetics, meaning, intimacy, connection etc

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