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Embrace the dark side. It's part of yourself too( and they have cookies)

Embrace the dark side. It's part of yourself too( and they have cookies)

Our very nature is dual. Everything we can imagine has two sides, two extremes. We have heaven and hell. We have dark and light. The white wolf and the black one. Cold and hot. Each and everyone's life is a kind of a fine patchwork woven of thin, two sided threads. How many times we had actually witnessed an extreme side of anything? Even the coldest air that touched our skin is not an absolute extreme. It is an extreme for us maybe. Or an extreme at the time being. 

But experiencing that, we allow ourselves to know that worm (and cozy) are good for us, and cold and too hot are not. So necessary part of our maturing is stepping on both sides. The more we veer, the bigger is our knowledge. Neglecting one part of the whole could easily lead to imbalance. We could ( and should ) strive towards the light, but forgetting about its opposite is bad. 

Climbing the mountain, looking only up, could make us think we will never reach the top. Looking only down will make us think, on a halfway, that we have reached our maximum. Our goal is one thing, and our awareness is something different. 
By my opinion

Embrace the dark side. It's part of yourself too( and they have cookies)

Imagine your whole life as a sphere. A sphere made of all the possible outcomes of every single action, intention and influence on the environment  you take. That could be measurable values on all three axes.The pure  good intention leads to "angel's" peak, and the most imaginable bad intention leads to the emptiness. To complete the sphere to be compact, you'll need every dot in it, those ones in the middle, close to zero, those below positive side and those on the sphere's surface, both up and down. Without any of them, the sphere is incomplete, and therefore unstable, with great possibility to collapse. 

That means, If your action caused great influence on the environment, but it was not your intention to do that, it will create  an energy level ( dot) somewhere inside the sphere. Or any other combination.

Following this mindset,and making things  as simple as can be, let's analyze some common social media  quotes:

- Focus only on the positive side. It will take you towards success! - Is that right? How would you know it's a success? If your step-up-from-one-problem you call the success, and this causes bigger problem, then what? Your intention might go high, but action causes bad influence, and this leads to low energy level.

- There are no problems, There are only challenges. - Unfortunately, I heard that some companies embraced this quote as the rule. It's literally forbidden to use the word "problem". The thing is, problems are something that i experience as a result of other people's actions( or my bad decisions). Challenges I pick for myself to develop. To be rude: A pain in the stomach is a problem. Making my stomach flat with six-packs is a challenge. Back to our sphere: problem contains little of our intention, challenges are made of it.

I am sure there are a lot of examples of quotes that can mislead. What I see is  a whole world of delusions, making us believe that the only good thing is to forget our nature. The truth is, we have two arms, two legs, one brain  with two sides. It's not quite natural to have one sided opinion. We are all made of both black and white energies. Our hearts will always make decisions and  give us directions, but to fly, we need both wings. To try to  ascend, using only one, will only make heaven laughs. And even that is an act of good deed. Not by our intention thou.

Of course I must thank @ Ali Anani for this topic  and @ Renée Cormier  for this one that inspired me to write this.

Sasa Radovic 21/11/2016 · #10

#8 Thanks @Lisa Gallagher. :)More reason to illustrate the way of looking at mountain climbing. Both up and down look is needed

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Lisa Gallagher 21/11/2016 · #8

Hi @Sasa Radovic, thought provoking blog. I liked your definition of problems vs. challenges. Yes, to get a 6 pack ab, that is a challenge for many. When I read about the Mountain going up... I did exactly that when we were climbing (not rock climbing) but the grades were fairly steep. We got 1/4th of the way up, I looked and said, oh my I can't do this! Well we decided to go slow, take photos along the way and stay focused on what was right there in front of us, taking in all the beauty. Before I knew it, we were at the top of the Mountain looking down over the bay and the Ocean was off in the distance. I realized that what I considered a major problem for me turned out to be a feat and gave me the courage to try something new again!

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Max🐝 J. Carter 19/11/2016 · #7

#4 @Sasa Radovic I agree though I don't use terms such as good or bad, I look at it as what amount of pain and suffering am I willing to endure to repeat a lesson I could have learned another way. There are things in life worth enduring to reach and some that aren't, the great thing is you get to choose those boundaries for yourself.

For me I broke it down to one rule.

Do not go to jail, if you like it, do it again, if not don't.

That and the last thought before most of my decisions is "Fuck it why not?" is why my life is what is.

Sasa Radovic 18/11/2016 · #6

#1 Or @Kevin Baker, good things ascend us, and bad things teach us how to ascend :)

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Sasa Radovic 18/11/2016 · #5

#2 Thanks as always @Aurorasa Sima, although I think this topic suits more this platform

Sasa Radovic 18/11/2016 · #4

#3 True @Max Carter, and deep. Consequences will always appear whatever we do. If bad, that means we need to learn more, to grow , to mature.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 18/11/2016 · #3

I dig this look at the topic.; I tend to see at is we go into our sacred dark to determine the divine light we show the world. It is the sacred dark we keep our secrets of things we would do with maybe someone else if the situations was right, things we might think about doing but are not sure we want to face the consequences of and things we know we would never do but are exciting to think about anyway.

It's the things we have no problem telling other people that we do or things we have no problem doing publicly that defines the light we show the world.