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Scars of our progress

Scars of our progress Our small imperfections are what makes us human. Moreover, they are important to us on so many levels. Recognizing them as a consequence of our growth, they mean we had a problem, dealt with it and won. Or learned how to deal with the similar problem and eventually win. This process left a mark like a small dot on a perfect apple skin.The mark could be anywhere - in our belief system, our way of thinking, our understanding of life, work. Even on our body or soul. It means we have developed a skill, necessary to continue with our life or career. For a small cost - a mark, left there to remind us that everything comes with a price.

Imagine that you're faced with two almost the same oranges and you have to chose one. It might look irrelevant, but what if someone told you that only one of them is healthy, organic and the other one is filled with pesticides. Your attention takes over. Compared one to another small things start to matter. Every dot on the perfect skin becomes important. Every perfection - suspicious.

Whenever we must chose between the two options we use the same analogy

When something that we value is at stake, our senses are sharpened.

"Perfect" people, "perfect" things raise suspicions.

How did they get there? How they have learned? 

Would you trust a salesman, claiming that no one ever complained about his product? of course you wouldn't, it's an obvious lie for somebody always complain. You know it, he knows it, why does he cover it?

If the salesman would've said that there were problems but his company found the way to fix them, I think it would be easier to believe. Because of an admitted imperfection. A scar. A human error that made him rise above obstacles and truly develop.

He and his company aren't perfect but they are dealing with their mistakes, trying to make things up. If they are not admitting they 're wrong occasionally, insisting they re unmistakable, it is easy to imagine what would happen if you, the customer, reported some complaints.

It looks clear and yet, we're surrounded by pictures of perfection. Perfect body, colorful meal, an exciting view from the beach house, perfect moments, lives, employers, employees. at the end, there must be some perfect salesmen and perfect products.

And not a single line of truth.

Salesmen tend to fail a lot until they conclude the deal. Products have a long history of improvements until they reach usefulness (still far from perfect thou). Companies change, employees evolve and everything is founded on the way we learn from our imperfections.

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