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Focus on the Exam Preparation Process

Warren Buffet, the world famous investor is known for his management skills. especially time management. When we use the word time management, we generally mean getting all the things done in a limited span of time. But in the actual scenario, time management should be used for prioritising the things which are very crucial to us and getting them done right, as soon as possible. This is very much required by the students who are undergoing JEE Advanced coaching. 

Prioritising studies over other activities is very much required by the JEE aspirants. But moreover, the IIT JEE coaching institutes in Delhi should teach the skill to focus on the process of preparation rather than the outcome itself. Students must hence be taught to enjoy their preparation period rather than cry and crib about it. 

When we set a goal, we should always keep the things to be sacrificed to achieve that goal in mind. Everyone would like to win a Nobel Prize. But then, how many are willing to sacrifice almost their whole life in a lab or in the working selflessly for the poor and downtrodden? Then again, there is no guarantee of the outcome. In the end, the learning which came while working for your life purpose is always which is with you. One should never think about the result while working for a goal.

Students must understand the fact that having a goal during their academic careers is natural. But then they must be willing to overcome the hurdles which come in the process. They must enjoy overcoming these hurdles, rather than giving up or succumbing to them. Great victories are always born after the protagonist overcomes great obstacles. Hence this is a very essential part of growing up to be a successful person. 

The number and the level of difficulties faced by a person during the process of achieving his or her goal determines the extent to which he or she can become successful. The process inculcates traits like endurance, humility and tolerance. The process makes the students humble. And the knowledge and experience gained by the person is priceless. Students must hence focus with all their will on the process. They must have a learning attitude and should have faith in it. Process or the preparation period is the actual duration, when the real strength of character of a person is showcased in the world. It is easy to be happy while having achieved a positive outcome. But the real test lies when a person has to face adversity.

Focus on the process will help a student to retain the knowledge learned during that period throughout his or her lifetime. The preparation period will become the most memorable period of his or her lifetime. Students must hence try to make the most of this preparation period. Learning to slog, meeting deadlines, developing patience etc are all the essential virtues which can be learnt during this period of preparation. Hence focus on the process, and the desired result will come eventually.

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Focus on the Exam Preparation Process