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5 Tips To Breakthrough The Rut of Routine

5 Tips To Breakthrough The Rut of Routine

Rut of Routine

Are you feeling you are living a routine life

You get up and you do things mechanically without a trace of being alive to it.

Do you feel life is boring and just another day to rise and do your duties as a chore?

Do you sometimes wish for the day to end before it even begins?

Do you feel life is too complicated and desperately want a change of scene...

Perhaps then you are passing through the path of nowhere.

Life often hands you wisdom at the time you are in the path of least resistance because it wants you to listen keenly.

It wants you to understand you are your own path maker and path breaker, you are your own teacher and tutor.

You are your best friend and guide.

It wants you to sense the futility of living so that you can finally bridge over and honour the living you. And perhaps then strive to nourish the moments of life left with you willingly.

Going berserk in helplessness, sensing pain or loss and loneliness are part of phases we may all move through.... at some point in our life. The choice is with us how to find ourselves than lose ourselves. Some find solace and comfort in others along the path when the going gets too tough. Some are givers and some takers in the interbeing of life and living And travellers we all already are.

Here are 5 steps you can take to shake free from the rut of routine.

1: Work on Self-observation:

Observe more of your environment. Develop healthy interests in the world you are living. Care to understand more. Be open to learning.

2 Value & acknowledge one another:

Many times life feels like a standstill and as if its caught in a rut of routine and mundane because it is truly how one is living. When moments are given value over things, when people around start to matter, life starts to change and evolve for the better. Make an effort to greet people extend polite courtesies without expectation and acknowledge another as they are. Life starts to transform vividly as you start showing interest.

3 Love your self & cultivate gratitude:

Balance the relationship with yourself and others. Show self-respect and care to love the person you truly are. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for the blessings of life .... it holds you in good stead.

4 Trust yourself more:

Develop your sense of self-worth and self-esteem as you value your thoughts you will learn to trust yourself more in your deeds.

5 Share more. Reflect the positive:

As you learn and engage with the world you will come across much that inspires and intrigues you. Share the positive messages from the universe and send the world your goodwill in care.

Someday when you truly need, the world returns it back to you manifold...such is the way of this circle of life and living as we are strengthened simply is raising of our positive interconnects as travellers in the interbeing.

Savvy Raj

Savvy Raj 12/7/2018 · #14

#5 @Edward Lewellen Thank you for your appreciation as much as your insightful reflection.

Savvy Raj 12/7/2018 · #13

# 9.Thank you @Jerry Fletcher I deeply appreciate the spirit of adventure... It is truly wonderful to see each moment as unique as it is as much as value the pauses in those moments.

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#8 Thank you for your kind words of appreciation @Alexa Steele

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#7 Thank you for the kind shares and mention @Debasish Majumder.

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Savvy Raj 12/7/2018 · #10

#6 Hymns to the silence indeed!

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Jerry Fletcher 11/7/2018 · #9

Savvy Raj, I'm always impressed by people that can find this level of clarity, practice it and pass it along. I'm not that organized. Perhaps that's why I see each day as another adventure.

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Alexa Steele 11/7/2018 · #8

What a beautiful post. The world would be a better place if everyone followed this advice :)

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Debasish Majumder 10/7/2018 · #7

nice buzz @Savvy Raj! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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