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A Matter of Now...Are you here?

 A Matter of Now...Are you here?

 Mindfulness is about paying attention to the movement at hand without judging it. When we understand that everything in life is constantly changing, this understanding and acceptance is liberating in itself and then we don't lose energy in stressing ourselves about things which are changing.Thus in the very variability aspect of life, we learn to nourish our selves with an awareness of the moment.

 The concept of aligning ourselves in mind, body and spirit may seem theoretically simple but is practically difficult and needs gradual dedicated practice. But a simple effort of coordination of our breath and then some gentle easy to do movements could be a start towards an integration of our mind-body connect. 

Extensive research studies in the west have only reiterated what was practised and known in the eastern philosophies that mindful awareness develops our mental faculties with higher concentration abilities, improves coordination skills and brings clarity in our movements and into our lives.

 Mindfulness helps us to spot out our unhelpful thought patterns and is able to make us break free from destructive and defeatist attitude and behaviour, thus gradually with consistent practice evolves us holistically. Mindful living with heartfelt awareness makes one calm, relaxed and yet alert and focused while improving our blood circulation and energy in the body We realize then, that wellness quotient is about taking care of the self in an integrated way as a way of life. It need not just be about spending time slogging through extreme gym workouts or even about unwarranted starvation diets but it could simply be about using our mind to optimize our health with gentle moves for body-mind integration, thus adopting subtle shifts of movements for a better sense of balance. As we build on these small steps, we pave the way for an attitudinal shift towards good health and optimism. Simple positive changes to our thoughts thus can change our lives And in every cultivation of gratitude for life's moments, we are learning the art of positive reflections.


Where attention is, energy is. Our life's memorable experiences are based on that which we have paid attention to. We can shift attention by leading the movement and thereby changing the thoughts. By simply caring to observe and see the little good which we may have let gone unnoticed, we can learn to look at life itself as a gift.

 In caring to connect with our breath and infusing positivism we exhale the unnecessary. As we connect with others around us in a positive way we build empathetic awareness in ourselves and our surroundings. 

No one is too small to make a difference.

Savvy Raj

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    Savvy Raj 14/2/2018 · #10

    #8 Appreciate your words here @Debesh Choudhury Certainly so that we all are equiped with the inner resources and reserves which will manifest in times of need to manage ourselves . What is truly necessary is a reminder and an understanding of the tools to tap into our own inner strengths. Thank you as well for the kind mention of this potential within us all 😊.

    Savvy Raj 14/2/2018 · #9

    #7 Yes @Tausif Mundrawala I appreciate and thank you for your very valid inputs,...for to manage the self in a world that prioritizes and feeds on materialism it is important to maintain an equanimity in the self .Balance is the key !

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    Debesh Choudhury 13/2/2018 · #8

    Great reminder @Savvy Raj, we should practice mindfulness. No matter whether we are small or big, everybody has got inner strength .. Thank you, I will try to remember, which I often forget in the stressed life.

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    Tausif Mundrawala 13/2/2018 · #7

    Our spiritual self would come into play as far as mindfulness is concerned. Linking our materialistic needs to the needs of one's higher self would only do more damage than one could possibly see. When I am my spiritual best I keep aside all thoughts which would lead me to this materialistic world. In order to free ourselves we have to slow down a little bit and try to reflect on our inner light. In today's fast paced world people have been suppressing their senses, feelings and emotions which makes us human. Deflecting oneself would lead to many diseases one could have unheard before.

    A buzz worth reflecting upon, my friend @Savvy Raj

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    Savvy Raj 13/2/2018 · #6

    #3 Ha ha ha! Indeed !Mighty is the wrath of a single mosquito.😃
    Thank you @Randall Burns Thought right that you would resonate with this one! Have an awesome day !😊

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    Savvy Raj 13/2/2018 · #5

    #2 Verily this aspect of conscious life and living can be the seed for transformations in a chaos ridden society. We have all the answers to our problems all we need is to choose with awareness of our being . Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts

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    Savvy Raj 13/2/2018 · #4

    #1 At times the very intensity of the trauma of certain personal experiences strengthen the inner spirit to dare some more .... Appreciate your sharing your personal story so nonchalantly ... Guess the sense of let go is pretty strong and I can relate this in your words ... An attitude of a survivor! I would simply add ..Keep being you in every now! Be all you can !Because you can!

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    Randall Burns 13/2/2018 · #3

    What a great article @Savvy Raj So many points and sentiments that resonate with me here, very familiar and comforting. I especially like your closing sentence,

    "No one is too small to make a difference."

    It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by the Dalai Lama,

    "If you think that you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito"

    +3 +3