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Art of Management : Managing People


Art of Management : Managing People

 Tip 3: Take the lead!

Leadership is a quality that is the backbone of  People Management skills. An ability to lead well is an asset to any organisation. To be able to take the lead and lead well there must a deeper understanding of people and their needs besides being a quick thinker and a whole lot of self-confidence. A positive inclination, an assertive approach, determination with a focused attitude to life can be a tool for a successful stint at sustained leadership.

A few salient people management skills worth imbibing 

  • Accepting responsibility 
  • Acknowledging abilities and talents
  • Assertiveness in taking action and decision  
  • Sharing empathy 
  • Resilience with an ability to own up and move on 
  • Personal integrity &character
  • Having humility & sincerity
  • Respecting teamwork and inculcating team-spirit
  • Body confidence & good health
  • Poise and better postural alignment. 
  • Clarity of vision and communication
  • Accepting vulnerability 
  • Being open to education 
  • Curiosity to  understand & evolve for the better  
  • Critical thinking ability & foresight  
  • Adaptability to changes
  • Most of all consistent drive and enthusiasm! 


Personally speaking as a ballroom dance educator and trainer ... while teaching and sharing social dancing skills one of the important learning we can work on is the understanding of the art of leading and following. Both very significant for any kind of partner dancing as much as in life itself. After all, life is a dance and dance imitates life!

The art of leadership is thus also understood best in the ability to follow which can put to test the clarity of signals given by the leader. In learning to emulate one can set an example by practising than preaching and gain personal insights on a more evolved lead ability.

For  to lead is an opportunity to honor the trust of the follower ..  

Debesh Choudhury Hace 6 d · #7

Nicely explained the traits of a leader @Savvy Raj .. The role of a leader asks for complete responsibility of the work / project / organization. I missed the article earlier.

Savvy Raj Feb 26, 2018 · #6

#5 Thank you for the kind mention. And its great to know you are finding this useful. @Ravi Ranjan

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Ravi Ranjan Feb 20, 2018 · #5

Thanks for this post! I enjoyed reading these 3 tips and found really very helpful post for someone like me who is in the initial stage of leadership. Thanks once again :)

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Savvy Raj Feb 19, 2018 · #4

#3 Thank you for your kind appreciation and shares.@Mohammed A. Jawad .

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Mohammed A. Jawad Feb 18, 2018 · #3

Insightful post.

I must say that for a novice, leadership is a greater responsibility, and for a wise and knowledgeable leader, it's a privilege and a foremost duty, without any hassles.

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Savvy Raj Feb 17, 2018 · #2

#1 Thank you @Jerry Fletcher for mentioning this as I deeply value the roots of my experiential understanding that has much to do with learning to dance and will also share here that the art of dancing can certainly teach us great lessons in living life fine.

Jerry Fletcher Feb 16, 2018 · #1

Savvy, The art of couples dancing is a great way to get people to understand how to be in the moment but also firmly knowing the next step. I like that look at a difficult subject.

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