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Being a witness

The unabashed beauty of this world is but an illusion.

Marking time in the constancy of change.

Whatever good is in this moment is a gift of now

To wonder in awe and receive in gratitude…

And when reality bites as the seasons change.

It is in us to learn to witness without want but with understanding and patience.

As all is in the turning of time.

The appearance to disappearance of beauty and the the bounties is but an illusion.

What is today beautiful can be barren tomorrow in the resurgence

Making space for new life to emerge for life continues beyond, in the grand plan of things

In hope, trust and belief of a beautiful morrow…

Follow the dictates of nurture.

Covet not what is not yours.

Be grateful and express gratitude for life.

And value the beauty of this now!

So much intricacy in the evolving artistry.

So much wisdom in the moment to imbibe.

So many lessons in nature to nurture.

Seek to live learning and growing.

Striving to be in a witness mode.

Sense and be one with the flow

For you are the flow!



Whatever there is in this ever changing world, all that is enveloped by the Lord.

With this understanding renounce and enjoy ( without owning) what is due to u .

Do not covet for the wealth of other. 

( Ishavasya Upanishad 1)

So much wisdom in these lines…

Savvy Raj 13/4/2018 · #8

#6 Appreciate your apreciative stance on  the value of observation without distraction. @Ken BoddieThank you very much. 

Savvy Raj 13/4/2018 · #7

#5  Thank you @Yogesh Sukal

Ken Boddie 13/4/2018 · #6

A fitting call, Savvy, to enjoy the moment when it’s presented to us, and while we have the good fortune and priority to notice and appreciate without distraction.

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Yogesh Sukal 12/4/2018 · #5

" It cannot be measured with scale or in simple magnitude,
The beauty hidden in the precious attitude of gratitude."

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Savvy Raj 12/4/2018 · #4

#3 Interestingly said Pascal😊thank you!

Pascal Derrien 12/4/2018 · #3

Perpetual observation is the gift of salvation, continual exaggeration is the road to starvation :-)

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Savvy Raj 12/4/2018 · #2

Delighted to know! Thank you @Geoff Hudson-Searle

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Geoff Hudson-Searle 12/4/2018 · #1

@Savvy Raj Beautiful words, a great start to my day! :-)

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