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Bring out the dancer in you.

Happy International Dance Day!

A true incident in dedication.

Just a casual conversation with a dear friend on Facebook threw open a facet of her innate personality, she loves to watch others dance and probably would love to learn too, but may be a complex of how it might be perceived, or so has kept her from trying. She also believes she has two left feet…

Well this is a notion held by many people, who may be basically shy or introverted by nature, or even perfectionists , or perhaps have some conditional experiences that makes them uncomfortable in daring to dance.

We went about talking as to how this can be helped.

Some simple yet profound movements that can help as starters.

A few things to remember:

It’s important to give yourself permission to begin movements, in whatever way you think best… a bow in prayer, a call out to yourself, or simply start with watching the dance of your breath in passive awareness and feel energized, with your in-breath and with every out-breath sense the release of that which needs to go …respect begins at home!

Sense, observe and feel one with any movement that you make, accepting the strange and the beautiful, the harmonious and the shaky moves … as part of the same source and believe there is a reason why they are what they are .

Take your time! There is no rush to prove anything so go with what works for you.


Allocate a time and place for yourself in the day at home. Clear the space and rearrange some furniture so that you have some moving space, without any obstructions. Option to have a mirror in front is totally yours as and when you want to allow it to happen. Mirrors reflect our actions so it helps to have one as a silent guide.

Make sure to remove jewellery, watches that may obstruct movement & avoid chewing gum as it is distracting.

As you begin moving on your feet it’s better to wear cotton socks for ease and flow of movement and preferably wear stretchable or loose clothes that don’t restrict body movements.

Remember the first time need not be the last time, just don’t give up! As with everything else, practise dancing from the heart and soul and be open to the changes in the flow.

With every movement we create energy in the room or space we are practicing. Each session is different. Sometimes exhausting, energizing, calming, stimulating, etc depending on a number of factors . Try to be receptive and accepting of that energy.


To find yourself as you dance, accepting yourself as you create expressions through movements. Sensing the power of letting go & the power of Dancing as you move.

Take yourself a little less seriously. Enjoy Yourself!

My friend questioned me about how to actually start dancing. Having shared endless conversations completely whimsical or tremendously uplifting with her over the years I know her, I simply wanted to reach out to her and remind her, how much she has already moved with her unique experiences, dancing through the tunes of life. How many movements she already has explored in silent rapture and conscious presence. And how many times she has been supportive, constructive, connective ,caring, loving, giving, tender, gentle & corrective in her movements towards the ones she cared. People like me! Well it was time to gently remind her of her own innate creative flows…

Dance to your own tunes.

Depending on what suits your mood at the moment, let yourself hear some tune, that vibrates with the inner you. Knowing her soft and gentle nature, I suggested some soothing music to be played in the background without it being too overbearing. Since she was wondering how to begin… I suggested her to sit down and allow just her fingers, then her hand and then the arms to begin to move with the music, just yielding, flowing as she felt like from the depth of her soul.

Neutralizing the rest of the body allows the ease of tension of perceptions. With just the hands in front of the person as they move, one could draw a circle with each individual hand. trace a simple pattern, write their names in cursive , using the pace and flow that seems right for them. Many who don’t physically dance much in the open are self- conscious of their physical body. So its important to be gradual in the movements. Once the hands start getting comfortable to move from an inner calling of the rhythm, it’s time to allow the sway of the shoulders or even allow the foot to take a step ahead.

Soon the rest of body joins the dance gradually as you allow and acknowledge the presence of the creative dancer in you.

Movements may seem shaky and erratic at first and as you persevere you begin to see the http://changes.The movement starts getting connected with the inner you and you begin to merge with the tune and the movement.

After all there is a teacher in you for the disciple in you!

Savvy Raj

Member International Dance Council


Savvy Raj Apr 30, 2019 · #10

#7 Thank you Debasish for your kind gesture. 

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Savvy Raj Apr 30, 2019 · #9

#6 Truly said .. to dance is to dare to lose yourself  and  yet know yourself!

Savvy Raj Apr 30, 2019 · #8

#4 Enjoyed the wit in your words, but relate to the truth in them  about the awkwardness  that many feel and hence keep away sometimes  for life , though  honestly if your roots are from the north of India it is difficult  to believe that you dont dance.  For there is so much spirited dancing in your celebrations all year through  be it a wedding  or festivals. And all dance no matter the age ! This I think is beautiful!  To dance is to be in  touch with the spirit  of ones soul. 

Debasish Majumder Apr 30, 2019 · #7

lovely buzz @Savvy Raj! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Dancing is good for the soul and excellent exercise. People worry too much about what they look like, missing steps, etc. IMO, dancing is a frame of mind meaning to feel and experience emotional states.

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Savvy Raj Apr 29, 2019 · #5

#3 I am not surprised at all that it has scientific proof . I would love to read your perspectives to understand more..

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit Apr 29, 2019 · #4

I am a dancer within though I should never have compromised when I was younger to allow myself to develop inhibitions when my natural expression within me was one of a dancer. That comes from living in a very large family where the sight of two things created admonishment. Those two things are my natural inclination to think out aloud and express myself in dance movement. Both evidently were signs that I was a dreamer and worse, that to be well-adjusted, I need to "act more normally".

I never really took to physical exercise, so curbing my natural expression to keep up social appearances was something I should have resisted. That I curbed this inclination is one of those things if I had do over, I would remedy fast. That I never liked reading and took decades to develop a modicum of reading habits is something else I would go back many decades and try to change - but if I gave up on that which I was in flow with at the time, what chance did I have of cultivating a love of reading which I was not in flow with at the time.

Now I have kids and at least three decades of inhibited action coupled with loss of flexibility and weight gain - it feels awkward to go back and unearth the original desire. Where once I was the child admonished for dancing, now I have grand-children who on seeing my natural disposition will immediately think "there is something wrong with Grandpa". Yet, I could learn to look them in the eye and tell them "come on and do it with me", but then I have to face their mother, one of several daughters who also side with the family in not doing "weird things". Dancing is natural and not weird, but our society still judges us.

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#2 Don't run away my friend @Savvy Raj. Right after reading your buzz an idea for my next buzz emerged. I have many titles for it such as The Dancing Ideas. I shall mention some interesting and scientific fact about dancing. I shall mention our recent exchange of comments in it. I am astonished to find what you wrote " "It’s important to give yourself permission to begin movements, in whatever way you think best…" because there is a scientific proof for it.
Ideas indeed have their dance.

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