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Conscious Evolution

Conscious Evolution

Artwork Title : Interconnectedness by Savvy Raj 

When we realise the Eternity of time in the Circle of Life we will be able to see beyond the illusory perceptions. And most of all accept and respect the significance of every being in the cosmos as they are.

Each of us here are divinely orchestrated towards the purpose of our being , strengthened by the Circle of Interconnects that run deeper than we can fathom .... we may not need all the answers that we seek but they are always there with us for us to understand.

If we must seek ... Let us Seek Connectedness ,

If we must awaken...Let us ..Awaken the Spirit of Being

If we must move... Let us Move with Empathy in Action

If we must choose...Let us Choose the Simplicity of Authenticity

If we must rest ... Let us Rest with Contentment

If we must pursue ... Let us Pursue Thankfulness in Gratitude

If we must strive ...Let us Strive for Patience and Tolerence

If we must fight ... Let us Fight Apathy and Ignorance

If we must reach ...Let us Reach out with Kindness

If we must become ...Let us Become a Better version of Us !!!

Savvy Raj 

Image Credits : Savvy Raj . My paintings from a recent series ...

Titled : Interconnectedness

Savvy Raj 5/5/2017 · #19

#18@Randall Burns Thank you very much for your kind appreciation.

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Randall Burns 5/5/2017 · #18

Wonderful and very insightful @Savvy Raj

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Gerald Hecht 8/7/2016 · #17

#9 @Sara Jacobovici Frankyl --Wow, I was starting to think I was the only one who read is stuff --the other Neurophys people yo used to laugh at me, I would bring his books to lunch in grad school with a plane brown paper cover, lol!

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Savvy Raj 6/7/2016 · #16

#12 @Mohamed Amroussi Id Mubarak .Thank you for the thoughful response on the interconnects . My series on circle art expressions are simply about exploring the facets of evolutive interconnects and invoking the spirit of oneness through conscious connects Appreciate your kind comments here

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Savvy Raj 6/7/2016 · #15

#11 @Anees Zaidi thank you for taking time to mention the line on the simplicity of Authenticity . I do believe creativity breeds in authenticity .

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Savvy Raj 6/7/2016 · #14

#10 'Art is the most powerful medium of conscious evolution 'Certainly so @CityVP Manjit As you rightly mention art can have different connotations and lead to diverse reflections. To propose peace, to promote healing propel the power of art or provoke is a choice in the hands of the artist . But in the context of consious evolution here, to value the thoughts that goes into any art is to accept and respect uniqueness of the being. and valuing the oneness in the interconnects. .To create art,to assimilate and amalgamate the thoughts structurally are after all uniquely diverse expressions of evolutionary process . Thank you for your note worthy insights here.

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Savvy Raj 6/7/2016 · #13

Yes indeed @Sara Jacobovici ..First of all let me mention ....I am Loving this beautiful flow we aĺre all creating in the interconnects specially .. @CityVP Manjit @Gerald Hecht @Anees Zaidi ..I deeply value your thoughts and feedbacks. .. The choice rests within inspite of the delusions and illusions at every stage of life . Often while training individuals in life skills we talk of action and response rather than reaction. One finds responses to be deeply integrated and steeped in the understanding that this interconnectedness of ones being must never be taken for granted . May be a living life sounds a little too idealistic but then life is all about the choices we make. Let us choose well.

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Mohamed Amroussi 6/7/2016 · #12

Simplecity is the beauty and the authenticity is purity and truth , the circle measure the dimension of both the simplicity and the authenticity @ Savvy Raj, thank you for sharing this wisdom

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