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Dance of thoughts

Can we ever quantify our thoughts

For thoughts have a speed of their own

Depending on so many variables

And our concept of time still so subjective.

For thoughts travel through space

There are particles of matter there

Of which we know too little as yet

In the weft and warp of time immemorial.

Thoughts are invisible but palpable

Difficult to measure but relatable

For much can be thought

In half the time of a blink of the eye.

Every thought is a part of a cosmic pattern

A phenomenon beyond realms yet to be known

Surpassing the speeds unknown

With complexities of our own perceptions.

Out sense of intuition so profound in power.

And what to speak of deja vus & dreams

Or our imagination so infinite

Psychic revelations in time and space

Our jumbled thoughts in the heat of the moment

Our calm collected coherence

Our racing frenzy of feelings in chaos

All matter as they come along in time 


We may find it difficult to control our thoughts

But we can certainly choose what we do with them

For thoughts come and thoughts go

Depending in how you respond to them.

Align them to harmony with movements

Acknowledge their presence to let them go

Breathe in a little space around your thoughts

Sense the peace in between those pauses.

So breath a little deeper

As you think, sense & feel

Be one with your thoughts

Before you respond to them.

Thoughts arise in life and living

As they are meant to do

And words come from a depth unknown

But speech is a choice that you have!🙂


Savvy Raj Jun 12, 2019 · #12

#8 Thank you for your kind words of appreciation  Cyndi. Lovely to hear from you  as always 🙏👍💕

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Savvy Raj Jun 12, 2019 · #11

#7 Nice to know so . Thank you Bill🙂

Savvy Raj Jun 12, 2019 · #10

#5 Thank you  Pascal 🙂 

Savvy Raj Jun 12, 2019 · #9

#6 Thank you for taking the time to read this buzz Jerry Fletcher 🙏 

Cyndi wilkins Jun 10, 2019 · #8

Through consciousness we weave in and out 'time' is thought that connects us;-) Beautiful images along with this piece @Savvy Raj...Breathtaking;-)

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very deep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And cool.

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Jerry Fletcher Jun 9, 2019 · #6

Savvy, Thank you for opening my minds eye this morning!

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Pascal Derrien Jun 9, 2019 · #5

Deep !!! 🤔

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