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Empathy: A Way Of Being

Empathy: A Way Of Being

Life with all its complexities and contrasts creates a necessity to chalk out ways to make young impressionable minds better equipped to handle its exigencies. Holistic education is so much about grounding in connectedness as much as it is about intuitive understanding that, harmony in the mind body connection is a way of life and living .

An education in empathic behaviour becomes paramount in a materialistic world.A lot of misconception about empathy needs clarification .

Empathy is seeing with another, listening to another acknowledging them as they are , in a non-judgemental space and being with another, sensing the feelings and caring to reach out with support through words action and deeds.

Empathy can be sensed in a touch a nod or a smile or in the simplicity of silence, doing nothing but just being there.

Empathy is a sharing, a feeling, a bonding, a being, a seeing, a sensing, a trusting and believing in hope, in faith, in life and grace. .

Empathy is about caring , as a way of being. Empathy is not always about bearing the suffering and sensing another's pain or being in a state of sorrow or pain . There can arise great empathy when dancing together or in a classroom environment where the teacher feels one with the students frame of mind and speaks to address that ... or hearing or performing a song or play together with unbridled sense of bonding and enthusiasm. This empathy can be reflected time and time again in striving to consciously stay aware of the mutually creative fulfilment it brings to our lives . Positive benefits of empathy can become a mirror to gradually inducing greater empathic behaviour in our lives towards ourselves and others .

Empathy: A Way Of Being

Our movements have the power to change our moods as much as our thoughts can bring a change in our way of being .It doesn't matter who believes in your empathic way of life what matters is you believe in it yourself .And that is the first step in making a difference. When there is an empathy in action it is mirrored in our own minds to create, generate loving and caring thoughts as a response to the action .

Every empathic thought finds its way into expression thoughts words or deeds creatively. With increasing empathic thought and action there is unknowingly a connectedness valuing the interdependence in this web of life and living as a way of being.


About the Author:

Ms Savvy Raj is a Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO the official world wide organization for all forms of dance. As a Dance Educator and Corporate Wellness Trainer she conducts workshop in Social Dances, Holistic Well Being as well as Personal Effectiveness.She is a certified adult trainer who uses the creative medium of dance towards bringing empathetic consciousness in her students. Using International Social dance forms and a variety of improvisational techniques as well as creative movement exercises she brings forth the human connect in it all. Working towards the development of an individual through dance applications and nurturing in the learners an enthusiasm to see and live life positively and empathetically.

Savvy is also certified Graphologist who pursues this as a hobby in her spare time along with a passion for writing, painting,poetry, drawing, sketching and designing.

Image Credits: 'Empathy Matters 'Artwork by Savvy  Raj

Empathy : A Way Of Being

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Savvy Raj

Member International Council of Dance UNESCO Dance Educator /Artist

Savvy Raj 6/11/2016 · #25

#15 Totally think likewise @David Navarro López Must share this . Your words bring back an experience of sharing dance skills at a school of the visually impaired . which I have written about.. The title was...' Us beyond the Mine' . So I will be happy to share it here as well soon.. Your reflections are valuable here towards spreading the importance of empathy in our lives.

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Savvy Raj 6/11/2016 · #24

#14 Exactly so ! Dear @Lisa Gallagher Appreciate your supportive reflections. Can certainly sense what you mention here.

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Savvy Raj 6/11/2016 · #23

'When our hearts are filled with joy ,everything start to move,sing and dance."Yes indeed! To build a sense of inner contentment is to learn to value the interdependence in this interconnected world .

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Savvy Raj 6/11/2016 · #22

#12 @Deb Helfrich
I relate to what you are feeling here . To be all you can be, one need the freedom to move, to dance from the heart one needs to have the lightness of being .
Holistic education that's inclusive yet helped by a structured approach can make a difference as I believe that the sense of inclusion and acceptance of anothers perspectives can help broaden the mind to move into envisioning the world in more humane ways

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Ja ja ja, thanks Mr David,

I am like learning alone another lenguaje.

También habló en alemán, porque he vivido en Germany.

Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Wochenende


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David Navarro López 5/11/2016 · #20

#19 Si te es más cómodo, comenta en español, pero se te entiende todo. En cualquier caso, te encomio por tus esfuerzos de hacerlo en inglés.

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Hello Mr David,

thanks very much to beautiful writing, I not know yes or not, can you understand my hmm bad inglés.

I wish to you always blessing you even forever.

From Spanien send you My positive energy.


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David Navarro López 5/11/2016 · #18

#17 Absolutely Maria Teresa, the only way to feel blessed is to bless others

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