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In striking a balance!

In striking a balance!

Ego matters!

Ego is a sense of self-identity 

Between being an asset and liability the ego drives our being.

Unmindful and ungrateful often times as such is its way!

It can interfere just as much as it can be indifferent to the being

It can alter goodwill and stall humility from expressing itself

It can change the words we were meaning to speak

It can halt a chance to commune with others

It can steer a dialogue to a monologue

It can become a bone of contention

It can rob us of cooperation and collaboration.

And yet all this while a sense of ego can be a source of self-esteem

It can help a person from crumbling in a crisis

It can create a curiosity to know and acquire

It can be a strength of support in times of  dire need

It can propel us to do more & achieve more

It can motivate you to strive on

Your ego can be your trusted aide

For it knows you more than you ever can

It is born with you from your first breath

And plays on its course till your very last.

So the question is not about banishing but of balancing

In striking a chord of balance between the states of being

Mindful words from a heart full of grace

can be a precursor of changing ways.

Respect and regard for another's perspective

Appreciation and value for others much as one's own!

A few reflections on striking a balance

Accept that your ego is like your shadow

It follows where ever you go

It creates hurdles in your deeds

It can doubt and induce fear

Simply trust with your loving self

For it's your internal guide

That leads from the heart

To let you see and know

Who you truly are!

Let your love meet your fears

It will understand the power of love

Choose to be loving and considerate

Change your track to being compassionate

Choose to avoid loose talk

Choose the virtue of generosity 

Choose to be inclusive and expansive

Choose to admit your mistakes

Choose  to see the world beyond the self 

Choose to take your self lightly

Choose the freedom of laughter

It unshackles the chains of self-restraint

Let the self, express and entertain itself!

So allow the ego to a little space but make sure it knows its space

Allow it to be a part of you but don't allow it take the whole of you!

Transcending the Ego is the aspiration

For every religion speaks of this very transcendence 

From trivial and baseline pursuits to higher consciousness... 

Ego can be a tool for survival but it can be a weapon of mass destruction!

Transform it to self-improvement manoeuvre it to reconstruction 

In every deed of Giving the ego cannot be far behind for, to give itself seems so full of itself The Giving means there is something to give an upper hand a stake a superiority if nothing else a contentment of a fulfilment. So to give seems a little egotistical in all its glorious ways. 

 Yet there is a transformation in every act of giving, that finds its path in the journey towards transcendence. 

So first in all humility, I thank CityVP Manjit for steering this discussion which started with Giving on the earlier posts comment and moved to ego and then touched upon humility and ways of transcendence.

The above verses had to be expressed for they were already etched in the discussions, How beautifully integrated we all are in the interconnections here  , I call upon to thank besides CityVP 🐝 Manjit a few more bees here  Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for the lovely and generous comment with the beautiful words of 'respect and regard' which came forth in value to balance the states of ego.  Let me add how deeply both your comments are fodders for creativity. 

And am gratefully and heartfully mentioning Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for her ever supportive and giving ways to new writers here that I have always noticed.Geoff Hudson-Searle for your keen sense of reflections and shared resonances. And here I would like to also mention the support of Mohammed A. Jawad whose words resonate with the keen sense of faithfulness. And there is  Kamini Vyas without whose query on nature of 'Giving' in my earlier post  What would be your choice? I would not have searched and re-shared the piece of my reflections on Giving and Receiving ' which brings me finally to this post.

Savvy Raj 28/2/2018 · #25

#13 Thank you for the kind mention and share . Glad to know you enjoyed it !   

Randall Burns 1/3/2018 · #24

#21 Hi @Harvey Lloyd check out Savvy's comment #18

Randall Burns 1/3/2018 · #23

Absolutely @Harvey Lloyd, I do understand and appreciate your points, it is indeed a quagmire due to inconsistency with "definition/recognition", and it is not just a male "quality" but a human one.
The article is evolving, with help of many discussion threads, LMAO! and the outset is to try to recognize, identify, and define what is the "ego" because as you say there are many connotations/definitions/perspectives relating to it.
The bottom line is that there is an aspect, an evolved "condition" in "Modern Man", (and woman), that is not natural and contradictory/confrontational to "Nature", (trying to put it simply), that, to me anyway, can be labeled as "Ego". Obviously I will expand upon this in the article.

Always a pleasure to hear from you and I appreciate your perspectives.

Randall Burns 1/3/2018 · #22

#18 Absolutely @Savvy Raj I've never heard that before but I like it, may incorporate it, Thank You!

Harvey Lloyd 1/3/2018 · #21

#14 I wanted to follow up here @Randall Burns with some additional thoughts. Ego describes a "group" of conscious ideals we hold collectively within our own persona. Our narrative is constantly adding to and taking away from many of these components. The piece that i really seem to get an elevated but over is the extrinsic values of ego that get attributed to me through media.

Yes i have a ego and i am ok. I am not perfect and need lots more home training but my ego is intact and a part of who i am. I will certainly listen to different perspectives, facts and objective reasoning, but because i lack this new information my ego is not bad. I am just not where you are in the subject matter.

To be clear though ego is something we all have and it is my job to help someone understand my point of view, in turn it is their obligation to change my point of view. This is not accomplished, specifically with me, when ego gets announced as the issue. This is akin to saying that a dog barking is the reason world peace can not be achieved.

Are we splitting hairs here? I don't think so, as we see discourse falling ever deeper into judgmental statements of character instead of debate.

Great discussion i anxiously await your post, if you would tag me in the comment section as life is at life speed right now.

My apologies @Savvy Raj for extending the discussion beyond your great post.

When one points their finger at my ego their are three pointing back at their own.

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Harvey Lloyd 1/3/2018 · #20

#14 EGO ": the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality" Merriam Webster Dictionary

@Randall Burns the word ego is big for me in its definition as words are the sword of the day. From Meme's that motivate and captivate our attention to vision statements or spiritual text, words in a given order and meanings associated move people.

So why the big stance with the word Ego? Its really not the definition as much as the social context of the word. Ego was a word without prominence many years ago, but today has become a very negative male word directed at the same. Everyone has ego and the definition does not delineate between genders. Ego is a process that within our mind we evaluate ourselves and compare them to our surroundings. Ego like money is amoral within its defined use.

The outcome of ego is certainly what most folks talk about in egomania, megalomania or systems of the process that have broke down into unaccepted social definitions.

My concerns lie inside the fact that socially we have focused on ego as bad. Ego like opposing thumbs is something that we have and, need to understand and live within socially acceptable means. The real concern is that the focus of ego seems to be singled out in the male species. The male gender is one that with ego can destroy or build anything. Likewise females of the species has the same latitude in engaging their ego within any environment.

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Savvy Raj 1/3/2018 · #19

#15 Wishing you the best for your new weekend club launch, and truly glad to know my writings on Giving were helpful and found a new dimension in your speech @CityVP 🐝 Manjit #16 And like @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee mentions here I too would be glad to hear your speech if you would feel like sharing .

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Savvy Raj 1/3/2018 · #18

#14 Will look forward to reading your article @Randall Burns Feel like sharing this beautiful saying that says it all ... When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.”

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