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Love shows the way...

Love shows the way...

The path of knowledge is never complete. There is always something more to learn and know more.

The path of action is often difficult to sustain as none can always be in continuous movement. There will be doubts and confusion in the trial and tribulations.

Move from love, acknowledge it in your being, let it be your guiding light in your actions!

The path of love shows the way of being, it flows naturally through us if we can accept ourselves as we truly are.

Make the path of love your way, make it show the way as it reflects its light of the being and in that light… all is selfless and all-pervading and complete.


A few reflections in Gratitude 

My love for the art of movement is so much a part of whatever I do and for that, I am deeply grateful to have been able to connect with it and in expressing through words, art as well as training people through dance education. Every step in these directions feels like homecoming and so very thankful for every opportunity that has come my way.

Have often felt very grateful for all the good words, love and blessings and inspirations received along the way. 
My request to you is to remember to share something positive and make the world smile and love a  little more as you care about life and living a little more. 

For Heart, Consciousness Lights the Way! 
Here's wishing all my readers ...
A very Happy Valentines Day! 

Savvy Raj

Savvy Raj 27/2/2018 · #14

#11 #12 Thank you for the mention @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Somehow have missed these beautiful comments from you But deeply appreciate these words.! Truly actions can be inconsistent and noncoherent and incomplete but the love loops & connects it all in the flow.... Yes l do believe love shows the way !

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Savvy Raj 17/2/2018 · #13

#10 I will cherish this lovely comment here from you dear @🐝 Fatima G. Williams for it truly means a lot to me .

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OODA and AIDA loops, among others, end with action. But they are incomplete with love. @Savvy Raj gives an explanation of why so.

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@Savvy Raj-- somehow, I remember the AIDA Loop (Awareness, Interest, desire and Action). and all loops ending with action. Now, you write "The path of action is often difficult to sustain as none can always be in continuous movement". I feel the need to add love to all these loops to make them better. Great buzz, as usual.

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 16/2/2018 · #10

Love is everything :) Thank you for being the loving kind of the human race we all want to surround ourselves with :)

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Savvy Raj 14/2/2018 · #9

#6 Certainly so! @Randall Burns Have a beautiful blessed day!

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Savvy Raj 14/2/2018 · #7

#5 Awesome reminder of that beautiful song .Thank you @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA. for sharing

So here I am sharing a few lines to add of my own on Love ... inspired by the above 3 words ...
'Bridge of love'

As we stand on this bridge of love
Living life in this now by the river of time
That flows on in its own course
How wonderful it would be to always remember .....
It's the way of love to bridge the spaces in between
It's the way of love to build a connection
It's the way of love to show the way
It's the way of love to linger in memories just as much as...
It's the way of love to let go and move on
It's the way of love to mend the broken
It's the way of love to accept and allow
It's the way of love to empower with hope
It'ss the way of love to sense pain and pleasure.
It's the way of love to brings out words to share from the heart.
It is the way of love to shine through a smiling heart
For love is the gift of life
And its the way of love to be filled with gratitude for its beautiful ways.

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Randall Burns 14/2/2018 · #6

Absolutely, no doubt about it @Savvy Raj

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