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On Oneness

On Oneness

On Oneness

If our awareness begins to seek
The root of our being.
We may find in its depths
Multiversity of thoughts
Rooted in faith and beliefs.

And then digging deeper
There may come a point
Of beliefs both true and false.
Justifying there is a right for every left
A right for every wrong.

Every move has a counter move
Every point a counterpoint
In the balance is a counterbalance
For such is the duality in existence

And then delving deeper
As man, by far is curious of nature
Who cannot stall his curiosity to unearth,
The mystic of his own being
Begins to see the many paths that lead on.

And envisioning the duality
As an enticing dance of nature
As parts to the same whole.
Oneness emanates as the source code
Of creation in manifestation.

In conscious awakening
Oneness is a connection
Of all to the whole
For all paths lead home.
In awareness of the source code.


As Bebee does not allow me to publish this post due to a 200 words requirement, I add a few interconnected thoughts here...  

On Connection

Universal Oneness is an awareness, 

In reflections of the truth of the being

Interweaved and interconnected in every life.

Strength shines through the vulnerabilities.

As a power in the very fragility

Touched by divine grace

Enmeshed in the senses

Fired in the cauldron of life and living

Comes a consciousness of the flow

In and around us

Beyond the illusion of separation.

Is the dance of connection.


great buzz, thx for sharing

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit Oct 7, 2019 · #5

Just the word alone "Oneness" serves to connect beyond the many layers that are one in which we describe our visceral connection with oneness.

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So much beauty in your thoughts, Savvy! Lovely piece.

Pascal Derrien Sep 29, 2019 · #3

Kaleidoscopic thoughts ....
Nice 👏👏

Savvy Raj Sep 29, 2019 · #2

#1 Thank you @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for your kind words to this buzz. I was simply writing words that came together in the flow may be in verses than in lyrical format so it is really nice to know that it felt lyrical. Appreciate your kind response.

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Great thoughts and lovely lyrics all throughout the buzz dear @Savvy Raj. I liked the way you "played" with the word right:
Justifying there is a right for every left
A right for every wrong.

The images add to the beauty of your buzz

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