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Our world needs us!

Positive change begins with us.
Every living being is making a difference to the environment in every moment. The question is how and in what way can it become sustainable.

Our world needs us!

Like the Great Barrier Reef, once the coral reefs are affected there the entire ecosystem stops thriving, and less fresh water will flow through the lakes...

Closer home the topography of the Great Himalayas are changing as well.
With melting ice-caps, the collapse of vegetation and wildlife, and violent surges of hurricanes droughts and frequent wildfires are all concerns for our world.

And there is really not much difference in the apathy that is happening in the name of sustaining the future... only much similarity in the situation of corruption and deceit through politics of governing people whatever the part of the world we are living in.

What we can do for our Sustainability:

Besides the regular 'Reuse, Recycle and Reduce' advice that comes to mind immediately.  I am sharing a link shared with me on a comment by Louise Smith here on Bebee itself not so long ago on one of my earlier buzzes.Thank you again, Louise, for I am sharing it  here as I chanced upon  it recently again ....

I realise I am perhaps contributing in my little way by 'Spreading Awareness'(Tip 35 on the list ) on the need for Environmental Sustainability ... but I found a lot of the tips here pretty much adaptable and relevant to us as an individual...

For the true change starts from each of us.


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Savvy Raj 20/6/2018 · #25

Thank you for your thoughts @Jerry Fletcher   The native wisdom spoke of sustainable  utlisatation in all sacred texts across the world. We have veered too far drawing borders and creating  man made divides that restricts us than supports us as humans. Only when we begin to reform and educate the children towards seeing our world as one and not as a separate parts will true conservation happen.

Jerry Fletcher 22/4/2018 · #24

I find it impossible that so many individuals do not believe in climate change. I think it is because they do not want to give up their profligate ways. Is it possible that the western idea of property/ownership is at the heart of this stupidity? The native peoples of North America and Australia to my knowledge held the earth to be sacred and would not have committed these outrageous acts..

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Savvy Raj 20/4/2018 · #23

#22Wisdom of Moderation calls for a knowing where to stop from going overboard in our efforts and how to keep the flow of efforts towards a cause for sustainable effects... I found this in your words here Thank you, my dear friend,, @Lada 🏡 Prkic for taking the time to comment and share your valuable feedback here.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 20/4/2018 · #22

Yes, Savvy, we have to do much as we can as individuals but not going to extremes. For example, advice for washing clothes in cold water. Whites and towels need to get the hot water treatment.
Energy saving has its dark side. CFLs (and blue light-emitting LEDs) are energy efficient but affect health and well-being. Incandescent light is still the best regarding the quality of light although are energy consuming.
We as individuals need to continue playing our part in combating global warming, but individuals cannot make a change without better government regulations on carbon emissions caused by fossil-fuel industries, deforestation and soil degradation due to agriculture...

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Savvy Raj 19/4/2018 · #21

#18 Thank you @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for thinking so,  if I do get around to expanding it to a buzz ... you are the first to know! 

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Savvy Raj 19/4/2018 · #20

#17 Well thank you  . It's good to do the best you can and keep the faith that it will make a difference  somewhere. And  about those app issues  they happen in Chrome as well  Just hoping for the best!

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Renoy George 18/4/2018 · #19

An Environmentally responsible Buzz. Thanks for sharing @Savvy Raj

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#15 Great thoughts @Savvy Raj. You would consider expanding your super comment into a buzz describing the "social illnesses" that we live in.

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