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A  tree is a fine example of rootedness, let us explore what is this rootedness all about.

To root is a sense of steadiness than a fixation in the belonging.
To value the depth of where you came from than to cling to your past in desperation and fear of exploration.
The very word rootedness is about groundedness .
A bonding without feeling bound! Rootedness is integrity of spirit in recognition of the soul.
Rootedness  brings up lessons in humility tolerance and most of all acceptance.
Rootedness is not about the pride of being, position, prestige or past achievements and privileges.
Being rooted is a knowing of support in the grounding.
Being rooted is an acknowledgement of the past in awareness of things as they were without allowing it to cloud the now .
Being rooted is a conectedness  in equanimity and a learning to evolve along the journey of life in balance.


The Strength in the Grounding :

A true measure of the strength in the grounding is in the process of creating transformations in and around  us towards a sustainable future.
Being rooted in one’s ideologies is not about sticking to the principles without taking stock of the situation or the need of this moment. It is about finding the strength from the grounding and evolve by being able to discover and develop through symbiotic and synergistic ways, the means for the better of all.

A tree is a fine example of this rootedness in life.Take strength from it, adopt its values  nourish it, nurture it, in the knowing that all your needs and necessities are met as you cultivate within you this tree of grounding in the rootedness .
Savvy Raj.

About the Author

Wellness Mentor , Dance Educator  Keynote Speaker   Freelance Designer.

Lover of life with a deep respect for nature grace, poise and composure. Personally using Arts as an interactive therapeutic medium of bringing out the Humane connect, .am interested in exploring art in a variety of creative mediums and integrating them into the varied life skills training programs that I have been facilitating.

Creativity stems from the acceptance of your authentic self. It is a never ending journey of endless possibilities that is much beyond the pursuit of a hobby or craft  and is a habit of a lifetime.
Savvy Raj

Above Images : Artwork by Savvy Raj

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Savvy Raj 18/12/2016 · #14

Certainly so @Devesh Bhatt and that is the freedom in the grouding that I believe happens in the strength of these interconnects ... To evolve from the core of the being .Thank you for the kind appreciation of this post . In fact from my above painting which happened first as I was sitting amidst nature .... these verses evolved as an intrepretation of this very idea of the strength in Grounding in eternal connectedness .

Devesh Bhatt 18/12/2016 · #13

A tree is rooted, may i say connected to nature, thats why its free.
While we wander in desperation, from dependency to dependency.

I have read it and im still enjoying your post :)

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Ali Anani 16/11/2016 · #12

#11 Thank you @Savvy Raj for the invitation to follow up on these brilliant discussions. I loved the quote of @Mohammed Sultan "" Change your opinions ,keep to your principals , change your leaves keep intact your roots". This quote is brilliant even though some trees may change the functions of their roots to allow them to store nutrients. I find these discussions highly illuminating and together with those more than 55 comments on my last buzz I find that both discussions are extremely rewarding. I wish we could compile the comments here and there to get a better perspective.

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Savvy Raj 16/11/2016 · #11

#10 Interesting interpretation here.To each their own analogy of course . Change is part of the process of life I also invite @Ali Anani here .as I enjoyed reading his tree metaphors and musings .

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Mohammed Sultan 8/11/2016 · #10

@ Savvy Raj.Victor Hugo quoted" Change your opinions ,keep to your principals , change your leaves keep intact your roots."
Your quote then,with apology to Shaksepeare"Under the greenwood tree,who loves to dance with me."A lesson to big corporation to stick to their identities and also learn to dance with the giants.To set things right or return back to their roots.

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Savvy Raj 8/11/2016 · #9

#7 @Chas WyattThank you my friend for the very thoughtful and relevant quote share as well your ever kind shares.

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Chas ✌️ Wyatt 8/11/2016 · #8

"It has been said that trees are imperfect men, and seem to bemoan their imprisonment rooted in the ground. But they never seem so to me. I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do. They go wandering forth in all directions with every wind, going and coming like ourselves, traveling with us around the sun two million miles a day, and through space heaven knows how fast and far!" ~John Muir, July 1890.

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