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Taken For Granted.

Taken For Granted.

The worlds thermostat is changing by the day
Global warming is the danger on the way
Although we may not have intended
Aren’t we taking our world for granted?
There is pollution everywhere
Misuse and appropriation unfair
There is greed and hoarding
Afforestation and land reclaiming
Without any consideration
For the future generation
Aren’t we taking our world for granted?

Hope is always there I know
But there is avarice and corruption in tow
‘Take it slow don’t destroy me… ‘hear the world implore
‘Else there will be nothing left of me as before …’
From the air that we breathe to the home that we own
Aren’t we taking our World for granted?

To share our thoughts is to know we care
To make a difference is to dare
Trust and hope, all will do the same
Better than just playing the blame game…
Cos we really haven’t got any place else to go
So take the world for granted no more! 


 Between the blessing and curse of Globalisation, ultimately true sustainabilty is determined by how we each contribute to climate change  and the ways to be a part of the solution than being a part of the problem? 
What effort are we ready to take?
Savvy Raj 
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Savvy Raj 16/1/2018 · #8

Thank you @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for your thoughts on these verses . Very insightful to say the least!

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@Savvy Raj writes so wisely
"To share our thoughts is to know we care
To make a difference is to dare
Trust and hope, all will do the same
Better than just playing the blame game…"

Apart from her flowing lyrics Savvy brings our attention to a great idea. Those who pollute the environment carelessly are prone to pollute themselves as well. What contributions "polluted" people will bring to the world?

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Savvy Raj 14/1/2018 · #6

#5 Yes indeed! Dear Louise all your heartfelt concerns are truly the state of the world in this now. Every living being is making a difference to the environment in every moment . The question is how and in what way can it become sustainable.
Like you rightly mention about the Great Barrier Reef, once the coral reefs are affected there the entire ecosystem stops thriving,and less fresh water will flow through the lakes...
Closer home the topography of the Great Himalayas are changing as well.
With melting ice-caps, the collapse of vegetation and wildlife, and violent surges of hurricanes droughts and frequent wildfires are all concerns for our world .

And likewise to the points you mention from your end... there is really not much difference in the apathy that is happening in the name of sustaining the furture and much similarity in the situation of corruption and deceit through poliltics of governing people whatever the part of the world we are living in .

Also sharing a post I chanced upon recently
I found a lot of the tips here pretty much adaptable and relevant to us as an individual ...
For the true change starts from each of us ...

Louise Smith 13/1/2018 · #5

@Savvy Raj I love nature
I want it to be preserved and cared for esp the Great Barrier Reef
I would like to be part of the solution
There are however a no. of things that bother me
- how to decide what is the true state of Globalisation esp Climate Change
- who to believe meaning not just scientists but politicians
- I am one small person that tries but what about big companies that get exemptions or flaunt the rules destroying Nature
and are allowed to by Government or it costs too much to prosecute them
- when simple things like recycling are not what they should be
- when each new government changes all the rules and waste lots of $ throwing out established programs and more writing new ones

I wonder if you and others have similar concerns?

Savvy Raj 12/1/2018 · #4

#3 Thank you @Pascal Derrien for mentioning the relevance in the purpose of the verses .

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Pascal Derrien 11/1/2018 · #3

a few pertinent observations :-)

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Savvy Raj 11/1/2018 · #2

#1 Thank you @Joel Anderson

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Joel Anderson 11/1/2018 · #1

Well said indeed.

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