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The Lofty Mountain.

The Learning in the Grounding

The Lofty Mountain.

Standing majestically tall rooted to the ground are the lofty mountains.

Climbing uphill is a task no doubt, as it beckons to ascend.

It tempts with arresting views from its mysterious mount.

Albeit with many harsh crags, spiky edges the and ablating glaciers to surmount

The tenacious spirit of the mountain imparts lessons for a lifetime.

In the journey is gleaned wisdom sublime...

What one sees from the top of the mountain is different from way down the valley .

A different perspective every view does carry

That in every different point of viewing

there shines a light on a different way of learning.

Savvy Raj.

Photography by Françoise Florence Perraudeau

Location: Perpignan. St-Cyprien South of France