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The Shape of Things.

SHAPING An Artwork by Savvy Raj


There is in the shape of things

A reason why

Like the night and the day


They say nothing is accidental

There is always a shape to things

A reason for design

A reason for pain and pleasure

A reason for order and disorder

A reason for imbalance

As much for equilibrium

A reason for the confusion in chaos

As much for emergence of clarity.

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One thing leads to another

Patterns develop out of nothing into something

Those who are in the front

Become waybearers for those who follow…

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In the ensuing connections

Forms take shape of things to come

Matter combines to eloquently express

Succintly abrest the brevity

Or in hyperboles of creation

All is yet in symmetry

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Emotion emits acceleration

Life destructs and creates in continnum

To evolve itself in the shape of things to come.


Often as artists there is much at stake ingrained individually.

But to move beyond these narrow means is   an awakening to the arising and ever expanding horion of truth in its infinite potential. And that is what gives the shape of things to come.

To see beauty in creation is to know its strength and weaknesses as they are ...

knowing it is the divine creators touch that makes it unique even in its very falliability.

No matter then, the elements the energy chooses to express with... for in the very enterprise of creation is a divine transcendence.


Savvy Raj 26/1/2019 · #15

#14 When poets write in a state of flow , choosing thoughts that may arrive to shape itself they perhaps are sensing a rhythmic  pattern, quite like a scientist  or a mathematician solving an equation or a musician  composing music . 
And sometimes these creations  happen to resonate with the rhythm of our heartsong as much as to the intellect of insights, that we sense its depth and are drawn to it intuitively.  I value your appreciation  of this poem in resonance deeply Lada Prkic. Must add I am enjoying  responding to you in mutual admiration.
 Thank you for your loving support  and wishes . Wishing you too a wonderful year full of bliss and bless.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 1/1/2019 · #14

Dear Savvy, I said it more than once when commenting poetry that I am not much a poetry person, but when I hear music and rhythm in words, it's a sign that a poem resonates with me. I hear music in your beautiful words that make me want to re-read them again and again. Happy and prosperous New Year full of poetry.

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Savvy Raj 1/1/2019 · #13

#11 Honoured you think you dear Franci . Wishing you and yours and all here a beautiful and blessed New Year!. 

Savvy Raj 1/1/2019 · #12

#10 Thank you for saying so dear Joanne . 🙏It truly means much to me  .Hope the new year shapes up beautifully for  you and everyone around us🌹.💞🌹


A true gem, @Savvy Raj. Thank you for your lovely thoughts.

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Joanne Gardocki 26/12/2018 · #10

Your buzz brings me such a sense of peace. Thank you. Beautiful thoughts, 

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Savvy Raj 14/11/2018 · #9

#8 Thank you for your kind comment @Debasish Majumder

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Debasish Majumder 13/11/2018 · #8

lovely buzz @Savvy Raj! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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