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General Roof Maintenance

General Roof Maintenance

Like everything in life, your roof may need more maintenance than you realize. Most people take extra good care of the inside of their homes without even realizing the outside of your home needs maintenance too. Your Spokane roof especially, after it takes a regular beating from the sun, wind, rain, and snow needs to have regular maintenance.

Inspect twice a year

It is recommended you inspect your roof at least once a year, though it is better to do it twice a year, once before the winter and once right after winter has ended. Spokane winters are definitely harsh, and you can expect the most damage to be done during that time of year. Inspecting before November or December ensures your roof will hold up to the storms. Inspections after will ensure any damage is repaired, so you don’t have any problems with it the rest of the year.

Visual inspection vs moisture inspection

Twice a year, you should do a visual inspection. If you don’t want to get a spokane roofing expert to your place for these inspections, then at least take the time to look at your roof yourself. However, a moisture inspection needs to be done every few years as well. An expert will need to come to your home and use infrared scanners to ensure there aren’t any spots in your roof letting in water.

The moisture inspection is important because you may not notice a leaking roof until it is way too late, and you could end up with rotted wood or mold in your home you didn’t even know about. With the moisture inspection, you can be sure your roof isn’t leaking at all and that all potential spots that could be leaking have been patched up.

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