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Should You Replace Your Roof?

 Should You Replace Your Roof?

Often people take a look at their roof and realize it’s not in great condition anymore. If you have noticed your roof looks a bit beat up and are wondering whether or not it is time to get replaced, you may want to call a Spokane roofing company to come look at it and tell you for sure. However, here are some signs to look for in determining whether the roof needs to be completely replaced or if you just need a few new shingles.

  • Age: How old is your roof? Most roofs are only meant to last 20 to 25 years. If you roof is hitting about that age, it is a good sign you likely need a new roof installed.
  • Look at the shingles: The best way to tell if the roof needs to get replaced is to look closely at the shingles. Are they buckling weird throughout the roof? Are you missing a lot of shingles? Are the shingles struggling a lot in the valleys on your roof? These are all signs that the roof may need to get replaced and has hit its life expectancy.
  • Check your gutters: Are you finding pieces of your roof in your gutters? This is another good sign that the roof is just falling apart and may need to get replaced. Even if you can’t see the bad stuff on top of your roof, pieces of roof falling into your gutters is a very bad sign.
  • Sunlight and wet spots in attic: Get in your attic and see if you see sunlight coming through the roof anywhere. It is also a good idea to check for any moisture coming through. If you have sunlight or moisture under your roof in your attic, it is likely time to get the roof replaced.
  • Focus on the flashing: If your flashing is falling off around your roof or if it is letting water through, it is time to get it replaced to avoid any future problems.

The bottom line is that there could be many things about your roof that are worrying you and make you concerned the roof needs to get replaced. If you are concerned, just have a Spokane roofing company come take a look, and they should be able to tell you if the whole thing needs to get replaced or if you just need to fix a few shingles.

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