App for schools in a unique design

App for schools in a unique design

School plus a very unique as well as an innovative app for schools makes the tasks of teachers and administration easier. School application is obviously a boon to parents and teachers and is available in the play store.  Unlike other apps, school plus doesn’t distract you from advertisements. Parents and teachers have individual messaging space and so much more. Queries about the children are no more a bigger issue for parents. As well as the teachers who are more distracted by the misbehavior or malpractices of certain students can be corrected easily, just by informing their parents rapidly about the issue. Sending and receiving text privately is one of the benefits that assure your privacy.

School administration can send any number of notifications to parents without much effort. Hence it is probably a very easy technique to reach out to numerous phone calls. Attach PDF’s or forms in the messaging app. Publishing news and information publically about upcoming events is another method of displaying the contents in easy steps. Using the app, you can easily integrate it with twitter, facebook, Instagram and official website with more ease. Integrating with the school management information system is obviously a great offer that supports the administrative system to a great extent. Synchronization of the app with management information system supports the students to view their individual timetable. Moreover, parents can get their mark list or progress report instantly, once it is updated.

Our app integrates with management information system of many schools and thus makes the tasks easier. You are getting numerous benefits using an app for schools. An outstanding benefit for school is to have a healthy relationship with parents. Rather than being in contact just on meeting days. This particular feature upvotes the brand of school in the society. Since a modern technology just wipes off all the stress and confusions of parents. Making parents more relief while thinking about the academic status of their student. Parents are able to track their student’s each step in school that starts from their attendance to all the daily activities.

Mobile App for schools that assures complete security

Every user has separate login credentials that assure their privacy. Everyone can activate the app from their smartphone and operate the same from anywhere. Students can very prudently make a choice to handle their school days. Absentees obtain the notes that are taken on that day so that parents assure that their children won’t face the difficulty due to lack of notes. When the ex