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Who Will "Bee" The Hero Of Your Own Story?

by Scott Engler, author of “The Job Inner-View” and “Legends of the Recruiting & Career World.”

You turn on the television after coming home from a long day of work. As you click through the channels, you end up watching an old episode of Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey. As is the case for you on many occasions, her message and words impact you on a very deep level. You view Oprah as a hero; an embodiment of the abundant life you would love to aspire to, but highly doubt you can, or ever will.

 A pipedream.

Though on this particular day, you are more proactive than most people watching Oprah on T.V.  – you are inspired into taking action. Having made the decision to apply something Oprah said to your own life, you create success in a desired area of your life overtime.  With great enthusiasm, you immediately begin sharing with others about your recent success - friends, family, and maybe even complete strangers. And you also share how amazing and inspiring Oprah was - you feel incredibly thankful for her and how she helped you out so much in your own life. 

“Oprah is my hero!” you think to yourself.