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Some Stats on My Own Takota Income & Arbitrage Account

Some stats on the first 6 months of operation (March 1, 2016 - August 31, 2016) on my own personal Income & Arbitrage Account: Some Stats on My Own Takota Income & Arbitrage Account

  • Starting Value:  $1,000,000
  • Ending Value After 6 Months:  $1,130,267
  • Return Composition: Dividend and Interest Income Received  $13,137, Accrued Interest Owing $8,402, Realized Capital Gains $29,291, Unrealized Capital Gains $79,437.  Total $130,267.
  • Holdings:  7 bonds weighted at 5% each, 5 stocks weighted at 5% each, and 1 money market fund weighted at 40% =100% Total Portfolio
  • Geography:  4 USD$ positions, 8 CDN$ positions

This blog is for information purposes only.  It is not a solicitation to invest in the Takota Income & Arbitrage Strategy or any other Takota investment strategy.  It is simply an update on a current corporate project, and my personal experience with that project.  Individuals interested in actually investing in the Income & Arbitrage strategy would need to review with the Portfolio Manager the appropriateness of this strategy for their financial/investment objectives.  The Takota Income & Arbitrage Account is a managed segregated account strategy offered by Takota Asset Management.  It is designed to provide income from a diverse source of opportunities, with reduced volatility, while preserving capital and retaining the capacity for some capital growth.