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Update on Trading Activity in the Takota Income Value Portfolios!

We actually got ourselves up to 70% invested in our Income Value Portfolios for a brief period early this summer. This was the heaviest invested weighting we have achieved in the approximate 2.25 years that we have been running these portfolios.Update on Trading Activity in the Takota Income Value Portfolios!

Alas, profit taking and risk management have now reduced our current invested position back down to 55%.

Sold were positions in AutoCanada (-2%), Element Fleet Management (+10%), Medicure (+12%), and National Retail Properties (+20%).

Each of the above was a dividend paying common share or in the case of National Retail Properties an income distributing REIT with the exception of Medicure which was simply a value arbitrage position (i.e. at purchase the Company had sold down to a price that was equivalent to the net cash on its balance sheet and known cash to be generated in 2018).

The Income Value Portfolios continue to hold a diverse portfolio of other bonds and dividend paying stocks which sit in a net unrealized capital gain position.


This blog is for information purposes only. It is not a solicitation to invest in the Takota Income Value Strategy or any other Takota investment strategy. Individuals interested in actually investing in the Income Value Strategy would need to review with the Portfolio Manager the appropriateness of this strategy for their financial/investment objectives. The Takota Income Value Account is a managed segregated account strategy offered by Takota Asset Management. It is designed to provide income from a diverse source of opportunities, with reduced volatility, while preserving capital and retaining the capacity for some capital growth.