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Develop a skill that allows you true personal freedom

We can develop many skills in our lifetime.  We are taught to try and find a skill that matches our passion, or passions.  Sometimes we can combine our job and our passion, but in many cases we use our extra income from our jobs to support our passions away from work.

I have become convinced that there are two main skills that we all should develop as we build any given career.  Those two skills are communication and listening.  Both of those skills mesh together.  We have to be able to listen to another person's point of view and let them finish their thoughts. We need to listen to understand, not just to reply.

We also need to be able to think through our choice of words and make sure we communicate to others our intent in a conversation.  I am working on this at this point in my life on a daily basis, especially since I realized my skills needed to improve.

The development of these skills are crucial in network marketing, and I have researched network marketing in detail over the last 4-5 years.  I've listened to the highly successful leaders. I understand now how the industry works and that it's the best vehicle for an individual to find true personal freedom.

So, as I have learned from some of the leaders, why not learn the skills that allow us to be free if we want to be.  If you have a job you truly love, why not be a network marketing professional in parallel with your job. 

I'm hoping that I can help educate people on the power of network marketing and the beauty of it, as I learn from one of the best trainers, Eric Worre. I follow his training regularly.  

Skills have to be developed, but since we all work to develop skills in different areas, why not learn skills that truly develop personal freedom.

I hope this content helps whoever reads it to give this some thought.  I would like to see more people build more time for their families into their lives.


Scott Moore

Develop a skill that allows you true personal freedom