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Had a good workout with my son today

I agree with Zig Ziglar that our kids spell love T-I-M-E.  Like many people I have typically always worked quite a bit of overtime with occasional travel in my line of work.

My son has become old enough now that we can go to the gym together, with him as my guest.  We thoroughly enjoy it and I keep him on the lightest weights for now in order to get him, his mind 

and his body, used to the idea.

I've explained to him that big muscles are not actually the goal when you go to the gym, but being overall healthy and in good shape is the idea.  That's what we're after, just simply good health.

I'm still a full time employee but I've also found a business I'm working on that will allow me to be home full time in the future. 

I think we all come to the point that we decide we want to have more control of our lives and our time with family.  Once that decision is made, then we have to use our spare time wisely, as Robert Kiyosaki has so wisely advised in his books.


Scott Moore

Had a good workout with my son today