Finding the Right Avenue for Livestock Sale

So, you are looking for livestock for sale, and there are several places you can go to achieve this goal. The internet is one option that will set you well on your way.

Using the internet to find Dairy cattle imports Taiwan and this entire process be a simple process, however, it is advisable to use a website that is designed to cater to other farmers like yourself rather than a website that sells everything for anyone. A website that is designed to sell cattle will have a full listing of a range of animals that you can purchase.

Finding the Right Avenue for Livestock Sale

Using a highly regarded broker can also be beneficial as they will have the necessary information about the livestock for sale. They will also be able to protect your best interests when it comes to the transaction. A good website that sells cattle will have a real-life interactive option where you can call and email any questions you have about the animals you are looking at.

When you are looking for livestock for sale there are various types that you might be looking for such as dairy beef, heifers, weaners, herds, export dairy heifers, service bulls or calves. To help you in this searching process it is a good idea to acquire the help of a livestock broker.

They will find out all the information you need to know about the animal you are wanting to purchase and will point you in the right direction. Using reputable websites and livestock brokers are two key essentials in finding livestock for sale that will suit your farming needs.

Also using an agency to do all the work for you is another beneficial way to find the livestock for sale that you need. They will have an established network of trustworthy sources and a select group of licensed and bonded buyers that work honestly and quickly to get you what you need. Making sure the animals are in top condition is absolutely essential as you do not want your farming business set back by livestock that will not perform.

The reliable Livestock exporters will do this for you and it is important that the cattle are lean but not skinny and look calm and settled and properly looked after. Their eyes should be bright and their coat should be in good condition. They will also help you select cows that are all around the same size to ensure you can keep a more consistent herd.

The export is important to many Australian farmers who rely on sheep exporting as part of their production mix. Live product exports offer producers an alternative market for their livestock, and producers may supply both the domestic and the sheep export markets. In this way, sheep export Australia underpins the domestic sheep market, helping to keep it strong and viable for producers.

Accredited stockmen care for our sheep and cattle during their journey overseas and Australian Government accredited veterinarians provide an extra level of care on vessels travelling to the Middle East. Onboard, all animals have room to move around and lie down, ready access to food and water and are placed in hospital pens if they need extra care. 

At their destination, livestock are cared for by trained stockmen in feedlots where they have constant access to food, freshwater and shade. Australian animal welfare experts are based in the regions we export our animals to and regularly deliver animal welfare training and education programs. They also make improvements to infrastructure and livestock facilities.

The industry's activities in animal welfare are vital to ensuring our animals are well cared for, meeting the standards that Australian farmers, exporters and communities expect. Whilst our work has ensured an increased standard of care in the markets we export to, we are aware there is still more work to be done, and we are focused on continuing to improve animal welfare in these markets.

This is why Australian farmers and exporters, through their industry levies, invest millions of dollars into programs such as training, education and research and development to improve animal welfare in Australia, during voyages and in overseas markets.