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8 Useful Tips on Writing Excellent Essays

You probably have been requested by your teacher to write an essay assignment. Essay writing is a standard academic activity that high school, college, and university students must undertake in the studies. Therefore, an essay entails a piece of writing to inform or persuade the reader about a particular subject. No matter what kind an assignment that your instructor has given to you, there are essential tips and guidance that can assist you to produce quality essays every time you are required to write. Here are some useful tips to consider:

• Know the purpose of your writing

Your professor may need you to respond to a particular question, and it is, therefore, crucial to read and understand the assignment instructions to know what you are required to write. Common essay questions contain different keywords that the student should respond to. For example, you need to check whether the assignment is based on some of these terms: ‘compare and contrast,’ ‘describe,’ ‘explain,’ ‘highlight,’ ‘discuss,.’ By defining the purpose of your essay, you will explicitly persuade and convince your readers.

• Know your readers

Before you even start writing your essay you need to understand your reader’s expectations. If your target audience is professionals or experts on a particular field you are writing about you should provide precise and detailed information for the readers have some background understanding of the topic. Also, if your audience has little or no knowledge of the concept your writing about you should define the concepts and terms you have used to them to understand.

• Brainstorm for ideas

Once you have identified your audience and defined the purpose of your writing, write down ideas about your essay topic. Think of any relevant points that are related to the topic and include it on the list so that you can sort later when writing the draft. In case you have no ideas, you can refer to the class notes that your teacher has provided.

• Develop a thesis for your essay

Your thesis is the main argument that you want your ideas to ‘revolve’ around. Use the points that you have written down so that you can create a strong thesis statement for your essay. When writing the final draft of the article, you can rewrite and restructure the thesis statement to precisely correspond with the ideas and information you have written.

• Conduct research

Once you have you have developed a thesis for your essay, look for scholarly sources for that contains information and evidence to support your main argument. When researching you can use online journals, newspapers, websites, magazines among other sources that you can find in the library.

Develop an essay structure

An academic essay should have a formal outlook consisting of an introduction, body and a conclusion. In the introduction start with a hook to capture the attention of the reader. The body part should contain all ideas to support your claim while the conclusion restates the purpose of the essay as well as the summarizes the critical points you have used.

• Develop an interesting title

You don’t want to write an outstanding piece and end up not getting even a single reader to read your work. To avoid this, create an intriguing title that will grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read your writing. Also, make sure the title conveys the subject you are writing about.

• Revise your essay

After you have finish writing, check and revise to remove errors that you may have committed. Remove all awkward sentences and words as well as the punctuation, grammar and spelling errors in your text. Read aloud to ensure that the essay has a logical and coherent flow. You can also allow your friend to check it and help to identify errors that may have omitted.

Writing an essay can be an overwhelming and stressful task especially if you have several assignments to finish at the same time. Proper planning will help you overcome a last-minute rush and will manage your time efficiently. However, you have no time to focus on a particular assignment, or you don’t know how to start your text you can seek professional assistance from a custom writing company. You can buyessays cheap  from such a company, and you will be able to submit your work on time. 8 Useful Tips on Writing Excellent Essays