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News from Russia

News from RussiaThe Russian foreign Ministry at a press conference, which was held in Moscow, informed the ambassadors of all countries that Western news agencies are doing a lot of fakes that relate to Russia and expressed regret about it, as the news-abc correspondents report, were also noted the companies that create reports, where objectively and truthfully tell the world news, http://news-abc.com , which is not only the truth about Russia, Ukraine, but also about other countries!

Hopefully, foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that American and British companies will follow their example and stop creating fake news. This will be good for all the peoples of the world and in particular for the people of these countries! 

He was fully supported by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who also gave an example: if a person does not know the whole truth, he can live in a world of deception for a long time and nothing good will come out of it! See what writes News-abc.com about our relations with China, there is no lie, and what do the Newspapers, which are engaged in the political elite of the United States? It's fiction! Our country has always sought to establish good relations with our neighbors and not only and we never wanted a war with anyone, and even more so with China. Lee is a personal friend of mine!